Big Brother Calder

Calder officially became a big brother when Tripp was born, but when Boone was born the title took on an all new meaning.

Calder has been kind and gentle with Boone. He is quick to tell us Boone is crying and often runs to Boone's bed to give him a hug in an effort to console him. The first few nights we were home with Boone, Calder would wake up during the night when Boone cried and would come to our room concerned about what was wrong with Boone. Calder's favorite hugs with Boone involve him nuzzling his face close to Boone's, feeling Boone's soft skin on his cheek. Once Boone was a bit on the hungry side when Calder nuzzled in and Boone latched on to Calder's nose and started sucking. Hugh thought it was so funny that he has been trying to orchestrate this event to happen again ever since :-)

Calder has been a bit out of sorts these first few weeks. Having Boone in the house has been an adjustment for him. Calder has been quicker to get upset and has been pushing limits more. Once or twice Calder has gotten upset when Hugh has to deal with Boone and isn't able to be at Calder's beck and call.

Calder has also asked us when Boone will be big enough to play with him!

I had barely got a cranky Boone settled when Calder reached over, grabbed my phone, and  pulled up Angry Birds to entertain himself!
After being the only child in our home for 4 years, Hugh and I feel like Calder is making a great transition sharing our time with Boone. We can't wait to see how our kind and gentle boy grows into a caring, protective, big brother.


  1. One of my biggest joys as a parent is watching my children grow in love with each other.

    Thanks for sharing! Beautiful pics!


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