Boone's Birth Story

On the evening of Tuesday, March 12, I thought I was going into labour. My braxton hicks were much stronger than they usually were and I had a few other "symptoms" that I'd rather not share ;-) I wanted desperately to get things going so I did everything I could to stay active around our house. After an hour of house work the contractions faded.  I was annoyed to say the least! On Wednesday evening, March 13, when my braxton hicks got stronger and I got the same list of other "symptoms" I didn't get my hopes up. Instead, I parked my butt on the couch with Hugh and watched a couple of episodes of "Fringe" (Mine and Hugh's latest Netflicks obsession).

My runny nose, sore body, and frequent trips to the bathroom had kept me (and Hugh) up most of Tuesday night. Not wanting to disrupt Hugh's sleep on Wednesday night I decided to sleep in the basement. As I laid in bed I realized that the Braxton Hicks were getting stronger. I started timing them and they were consistently 10 minutes apart. At midnight I went upstairs to let Hugh know I was in labour. I hadn't fully packed my bag for the hospital and wanted to make sure everything was ready to go. Dr. M had told me to head to the hospital when my contractions were 3 minutes apart.

Thinking I wouldn't be able to sleep through the contractions, Hugh and I went to the basement to watch another episode of Fringe. My contractions got to be about 5 minutes apart just before 2:00 am. I started to get worried that if I waited until 3 minutes apart we wouldn't be able to get Calder to Kerri's house and get to the hospital on time. Hugh took charge, got everything into the car and pulled Calder out of bed. We wanted to leave the van at home for whomever was going to look after Calder on Thursday, so Hugh sat Calder on my lap and we drove the 4 blocks to Kerri's house (please don't judge ;-). My contractions were getting stronger. They were quite painful on our bumpy streets. Hugh kept apologizing - like there was anything he could do about the road conditions. Calder was quite sad when we dropped him off. He wanted to come to the hospital with us!

As we headed out on the highway my contractions quickly moved to 3 minutes apart. I was super happy we left when we did. Two minutes outside the city, Hugh says, "I forgot my wallet. Do you have your purse." Nope. I didn't. We turned the car around and headed home. After our extended detour we got to the hospital at around 2:30. My contractions were very strong and holding steady at 3 minutes apart.

When the nurse was checking me in, she read the sheets Dr. M had given me and asked if I was having a c-section. I had just told her my contractions were 3 minutes apart. DO YOU THINK I WOULD WAIT THIS LONG IF I WAS PLANNING ON HAVING A C-SECTION? I AM OVER 41 WEEKS AND AM HAVING CONTRACTIONS 3 MINUTES APART. I didn't say any of this out loud, but I was definitely annoyed at having to explain things to this woman between contractions. They then wheeled me to observation and promised a doctor would come and check on me.

Fast forward about 45 minutes. My contractions are now 2 minutes apart. A nurse has been in and had me on the fetal monitor, but there hasn't been a doctor in to see me. I am feeling a strong urge to push, so I tell the nurse and she checks me. After her quick assessment she announces I am 3 cm. I was perplexed. I had been labouring for over 3 hours, having extremely strong contractions 2 minutes apart, and I was feeling the urge to push. I started to panic that I could not do it. I even told Hugh that I might need to get an epidural (something that was not in my birth plan). My next contraction was strong and because of my panic I did a terrible job of breathing through it. It was excruiating. In my next minute off between contractions I gathered my wits, gave myself a pep talk and got back on track with my breathing. I managing the next contraction and felt empowered. The contraction following that one was another breed. It kicked my butt. It was so strong I started wreathing in pain. I yelled at Hugh to get the nurse. I needed an epidural and I needed it right now. There was no way I could labour through 7 more centimeters in this much pain. As I yelled I rolled from my side to my back and my water broke. I had been resisting the urge to push on my last half a dozen contractions, but my body started pushing without my approval. The nurse came in and heard what had happened. A doctor appeared 30 seconds later. She quickly checked me and announced I was 8 cm. I felt completely validated in my pain and uncomfortableness. I was 8 cm! I could handle these contractions at 8 cm! I didn't have another thought of having an epidural (Thank goodness, because there wasn't time anyway :-).  It was 3:40 am.

I was quickly rushed to the delivery wing. I kept telling them I wanted to push, but they told me to wait. I requested laughing gas. I loved it when I had Calder. It really took the edge off the last few contractions before pushing. It did nothing this time. The doctor checked me a couple contractions later and told me I was 9 cm. I still REALLY wanted to push. She told me she would check me during a contractions and when I was only 9 cm during a contraction she told me to be patient. I NEEDED TO PUSH. Finally, after another contraction they told me I could (I don't think they bothered to check if I was 10 cm!).

After 2 contractions of pushing, Boone's heart rate dropped below 100. The doctor told me Boone was close, but that they wanted to use the vacuum to help him get out. I didn't ask what the pros and cons were - just if this meant I would have my baby on the next contraction. When they told me it would, I instantly agreed. On the next push, his head was out and immediately every medical official in the room was yelling at me to stop pushing. The cord was around Boone's neck. They cut the cord and allowed me to finish pushing. Boone arrived screaming at 3:59 am. It was amazing.

As I gasped for breath I told Hugh I wanted him to tell me what we had. I then heard the sweetest words, "He's a boy."

NICU was present and immediately gave Boone a thorough look. Every indication was that he was a healthy 8 lb 0.5 ounce boy, so they brought him to us. It wasn't until I had been holding him for a few minutes that I realized I was holding a baby. The first baby I held since Tripp was in my arms. I didn't cry. It felt just right.


Hugh took notes during my labour and delivery. Poor guy feels really helpless when I am in labour. I don't like to be touched, nor do I like to chit chat (especially during a contraction!). Looks like I got some of the times wrong! Cut me some slack. I was in labour! :-) Here are his notes:

- Left for hospital at about 1:45am
- Had to turn around to get my wallet and Jordan's purse at Ritchie Bros
- arrived at RUH emergency at 2:20am
- contractions about 3 minutes apart at 3:00am and 3cm dilated
- nurse checked at about 3:15 and it was the same
- shortly after that, Jordan's water broke, the nurse checked and she was 8cm dilated
- baby was born about 3:45am on Thursday, March 14th (The official time recorded by the doctor was 3:49!)
- NICU women came down to make sure everything was okay right when he came out
- his heart beat was fairly slow so they vacuumed him out


  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE. You are so strong.

  2. TEARS Jordan!!! This brought tears to my eyes I am so happy for you. You are definitely NOT a wimp, you are a mama tiger: fierce and determined. LOVE IT!

  3. HURRAY!! Congratulations... you are so powerful and strong!

    Welcome to the world, Boone! You have one amazing family, and are pretty amazing yourself! :)

  4. This brought tears to my eyes. welcome baby Boone!

    Leanne Curtin


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