Mom my gave me some grief yesterday. In the kindest way :-) She just wanted to see pics of Calder's halloween escapades! Calder spent his night with his buddy, Dylan. Here are the three best shots.

It was cold on halloween. I think it was about -8 when the boys went out. They lasted an hour and brought back a pile of loot.

Hugh and Dylan's dad, Chris, took the boys trick-or-treating and I with the help of my sister, Jes, and her boyfriend, Nate, held down the fort passing out candy to 120 some kids.

Oh wait. Make that 118 kids plus 2 parents. One said, "I am collecting for my daughter. She got cold 1/2 a block ago and had to go in." The other one simply echoed in with her kids, "Trick-or-treat."


Calder had a great time with Dylan. Apparently the boys wrestled every couple houses (sounds a bit like last year). I am just going to focus on that :-)


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