IVIG Treatment Update

Yesterday, was hump day. I am now officially over 1/2 way done my treatments!

I have been finding that water is key for me. If I can stay saturated, I can usually keep the headaches at bay. Even in the days following my treatments if I feel an IVIG headache coming on (they start in my forehead) and I drink water, I can usually keep them at bay. I do find that the treatments really take a lot of energy out of my, though. Thursdays and Fridays are challenging days for me. Just. So. Tired.

Yesterday was the first day I felt tired of the treatments. I am sure it has to do with being tired in general, but I am finding whatever novelty there was of rushing to the hospital on Wednesday mornings  is wearing off.

I do keep busy on Wednesdays, though. Shopping, knitting, making lists, watching videos, chatting on the phone, and the occasional catnap keep the day flowing by at a steady pace. Having visitors has also been awesome. Especially when they bring me lunch or a treat (the turkey hospital sandwiches cannot compare to McDonalds, sushi, muffins, or cookies!)

I think right now the best part of Wednesdays is a full 6 hours off of my feet. My Braxton Hicks are back and bigger than ever, which means the more I relax, the better my belly feels. The baby spends a lot of the day kicking and it is peaceful to have time to focus just on it.

The countdown is on. Next week's number is 9!

If you need a laugh today, try THIS. I think the nurses thought I might be a bit crazy when I laughed out loud at it yesterday. Hugh would be EXACTLY like the dad in this post!


  1. How exactly does an IVI G treatment work?


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