Last night Calder had his first gymnastics class. I was worried he would be glued to my side and too shy to join the rest of the kids, behaviours we have dealt with in the past, but apparently the worry was all for not. His coach said,  "Follow me" and before I could wave good-bye, Calder was gone!

Calder's class was a bit chaotic (to say the least). His teenage coach immediately apologized for his assistant's absence, stating "She was too tired to come." There were six 3 - 4 year olds in Calder's group. If I had to guess it was about 3 too many for one teenage boy to handle on his own. Poor kid!

It was all I could do to sit on the sidelines and watch this well meaning teenage boy get his show run by a bunch of toddlers. He was trying so hard to get them to cooperate, but just didn't have the management skills to get a rambunctious group of kids under control.  I wanted to approach him and tell him I have my level 1 gymnastics coaching certificate, am a certified teacher, and would be more than happy to assist him. I figured, in the very least, I could get the kids to stand in line for him. Lucky for me, Auntie Jes was there watching and she couldn't handle it either. She did approached him with her credentials, Gymnastics Saskatchewan Technical Director and Level 3 (or is it 4) coach and Calder's coach immediately accepted Jes's offer (like he had any choice in the matter!). Jessica promptly took over getting the kids under control and set up a drill more suited for their age! She then did a great job of stepping back, leaving Calder's coach at the helm!

Calder loved every minute of his class. When he got in the van the first words out of his mouth were, "Can we go back there?"

Overall, I thought the class was great. I mean, seriously, Calder ran, jumped, and climbed for the entire 45 minutes. And most importantly, he listened extremely well and had a tremendous amount of fun! That being said, I won't be sad if Jes is interested in getting in some volunteer coaching hours and shows up every Thursday! LOL


  1. I love this blog! Just to clarify a few things. I do work for Gymnastics Saskatchewan, but am a program coordinator, not the technical director. Big difference, the technical director is a full time job and way more responsibility :) I am a level 3 coach, level 4 is for the really big wigs!

    Thanks for making me look so good!


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