It's official

"Auntie" Brittany is becoming Auntie Brittany!

My brother, Luke, and his girlfriend, Brittany, got engaged Thanksgiving long weekend.

We are absolutely thrilled Brittany said yes. It has felt like she has been part of the family since the moment we met her. We are pumped that Luke felt the same way (and that he didn't do anything to mess it up in the process ;-)

When I told Calder that Auntie Brittany and Uncle Luke were going to get married, he didn't understand. Apparently, marriage isn't a concept that we have really talked about with him! I explained to Calder that when two people love each other and want to be a family they get married - Just like his dad and I did. 

Calder's response, "Oh. I thought they already were married." hahahaha. 

I can't say it enough. We are so excited for Luke and Brittany's big day in August when they get the formality out of the way and become their own family.
Picture from their engagement weekend in Minneapolis
I know. It took me over a month to announce this on my blog. And because of this you might be questioning if my excitement is genuine. If this is the case, I am blaming Luke and Britt. I had been patiently waiting for either of them to post an engagement Facebook status or update their relationship situation. I felt when they made it public information I would have my go ahead to announce it publicly via my blog. Yesterday, I felt like I had waited long enough. I was too excited to hold it in any longer! I emailed them my idea to blog about their engagement, but told them if they didn't want me to, I would honor their request. Luke emailed back, "you know my answer, it rhymes with "my won't stare"" and Brittany immediately sent me the pictures I requested! I think they are pretty excited too!


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