The day Hugh wanted to die and I wanted to kill him

Did you read Monday's post and thought I was making a joke about the title of today's post?

No. Joke.

I wanted to kill him.

Here's why.

On Monday and Tuesday the flu ran rampant through our house. Hugh even came home on Tuesday afternoon, because I was dealing with 3 puking kids and felt like puking myself. Hugh didn't feel 100% that afternoon either, but wasn't down and out.

Wednesday morning came and the kids were perked up. Hugh came out of the shower and his face told a whole different story. You know that pastey, sunken in eye look you get when you are really under the weather? Well, Hugh had it. I suggested he stay home because he looked horrid, but he told me, "I'll be okay" and went in to work.

That night Calder had a hockey game in Dalmeny. I drove Boone and Lawson home and Calder came with Hugh. As we were eating supper that night, Calder peeps up "Dad threw up at school today". I looked at Hugh. Hugh was GLARING at Calder. Really? He told a secret to his 6 year old son and was upset he ratted him out? Sigh.  I then proceeded to give my standard, "I told you so" lecture and reminded him that he likely infected numerous staff and students though out the day. I was NOT impressed.

I was also not impressed when he told me my brother was picking him up for hockey at 9 pm soon after my lecture was completed.  Hugh had puked at school, but reasoned that since he ate supper, he was well enough to play hockey. Apparently, while I lectured Hugh heard the teacher from Peanuts.

The next morning (Thursday), I come out of the bedroom after showering and getting ready to find Hugh curled up on the couch in the fetal position. He was wearing his toque, winter coat and was under a heating pad and a blanket. This was when Hugh said, "I want to die". I starred at him, not knowing if this was the right time, so in my head I said, "And I want to kill you."

Maybe I should have felt a bit worse for him, but the man was wearing his toque and coat BECAUSE HE WAS GOING TO WORK.  He told me he had a staff meeting that morning and his VP was out of the building at an interview. I personally didn't see the problem. What teacher alive wouldn't love a cancelled staff meeting and a chance to do some prep?  Hugh then promised me that he would come home mid morning when his VP was back in the building. Thankfully for our marriage he followed through on that promise.

On Friday morning, Hugh still looked like death warmed over. Friday was my first official day back if you recall. I told him he was staying at home and I wouldn't take no for an answer. I think he was still feeling enough like dying that he actually listened.

Hugh could have listened to me, stayed home on Wednesday and felt crappy for one day. But nope, he felt crappy for 4.

This folks, is why you listen to your wife. And why I HAD to take some time off last week. I WAS NOT going to eat my own words ;-)


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