Happy Birthday, Tripp

5 years.
We celebrated Tripp's birthday as a family last Saturday. Sushi and cake!

I have felt very emotional this year. Five feels like a big one.

We are snowboarding today. I feel closest to Tripp when I am outside. Although, I won't be able to sit on his bench today, I know the mountain air will have little pieces of Tripp suspended in it.  I plan to breathe them in.

My chest feels heavy.

Last week my sister sent me THIS. I have seen it on Facebook before and it is really good.

"The waves never stop coming, and somehow you don't really want them to."

Today I will be on Instagram and Twitter. Follow me @jmhammy or #rememberingtripp to connect with us and with Tripp. Please use the hashtag if you do anything in memory of Tripp. It touches our hearts.

Love Jordan


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