I wouldn't want to live without . . .

My two tiered fruit stand.
Firstly, I apologize for the picture. It is kind of dark, but I am too lazy to retake it or edit it!

When I reorganized my pantry this spring, one of the things I hated the most was our lack of space for fruit. I got the fruit dish on the right as a shower gift when Hugh and I got married, but we go through a lot of fruit and one bowl just wasn't cutting it. Looks like a lot of bananas?  Boone eats a banana every day before breakfast. That boy wakes up famished. He is also part monkey. 

I love to be able to see what is in our pantry. Although, it can get out of control messy at times, I truly do like it neat and tidy. That being said, in the spring I headed to Home Sense with a list of items to increase my organization. While I was perusing, I stumbled upon the two tiered fruit bowl. I instantly fell in love. In fact, I can see myself ordering THIS  similar one from Amazon at some point in the future when I need even more room to store fruit! Just be aware that this is actually the second two tiered one I purchased. I ended up returning the first because it was too tall for my pantry. Do a good measure before you go shopping!

Happy Monday!


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