Remember that photo shoot?

Hello, Boone!
Calder, your hair!  Lawson, your tongue!
Boone. What. Is. That. Smile? Hugh actually said, "He looks like the devil."

Calder. What. Is. That. Smile?

Really? Again, Calder?

Boone. Sigh.

It got so bad with the kids that the photographer suggested we hop in. Hugh, by chance, was coordinated with the kids!

On our way to the photo shoot I told Hugh that I would have canceled had it not been part of a one day fundraiser. The photos are beautiful quality and I think the photographer really didn't get a chance to snap our perfect shot with our two sick kids. I would definitely ask her to shoot our family again if Deena wasn't available.

I kept the print of Tripp. I have a nice white frame at home that I think would have looked even nicer in these shots. I definitely will file the location and idea for another day.

I am the featured blogger on the Blended Blog today. I enjoyed writing for them and hope I get asked again!

Happy Long Weekend!


  1. Your kids are so cute. Also, I am available!!

  2. how cute are they?! seriously, their little faces!! so squishable!!!
    When did Lawson get so freaking big?
    Confessions of a Frumpy Mommy

  3. These photos are wonderful in my opinion. I love that they display the reality of attempting to get everyone to look/smile/sit still, etc. I really like that you have a picture of Tripp included in your family photos, it's lovely for your children to know about their little/big brother and to honor him. I had to giggle at the 5th picture because Lawson and Calder seem to have the exact same smile. I also noticed in these photos that Calder doesn't stray far from Lawson, is he the protective brother type?

  4. Great Photos!! Beautiful family Jordan...loved having you at The Blended Blog!!


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