Back to work, sick as a dog, and a couple other things

I headed back to work last Friday. We had just gotten over the puking flu. Well, everyone but Hugh*. It felt good to be back. I love planning and organizing and I had a couple of days in my new school to do both those things. It was a slow process. Being in a new building has it bumps. I didn't even know where to get Kleenex from, but I feel very confident that I am going love my new colleagues and students.

Last week was a real test of my "super" mom abilities. I came down with a nasty cold on my first day back and ended up taking two half days off my full first week because I couldn't even function. If you have seen or talked to me in the last week, you likely commented on my voice. Between my cold, having previously lost my voice (it is more susceptible to injury) and projecting my voice to my students, my vocal cords have thrown in the towel. I really need this week to be better.

Today I have felt okay. I also slept in until 7 am napped for 1.5 hours. I am nervous what this week brings. I am also really feeling for the boys. Boone and Calder spent Saturday night coughing up lungs and have laid on the couch and not eaten all day. In fact, I am writing this at 6:40 pm and they are both asleep for the night. Hopefully, our restful Sunday will mean good things for Monday morning, but I'm not overly optimistic.

On top of the craziness of being back to work and being sick, I have been very emotional. Tripp's 5th birthday is on the 18th and it feels like a big one. I have been crying more than usual and more sensitive to things I read in the news and on Facebook. Today we had a photo shoot through a local NICU fundraiser called Bloom. The kids were photographed holding a picture of Tripp. The boys were feeling so poor and Lawson, having been sick earlier and now fully recovered, barely stood still for more than a second at a time. I was hoping for these photos to be THE photo of my four kids, but life may have got in the way today. I know if I want to do a reshoot all I have to do is ask Deena. I was just really hoping for this one to work. Who knows? There may be a good picture in the bunch, but I'm really not getting my hopes up. The kids did so well considering the circumstances. After the shoot we decided to celebrate Tripp's birthday early. We won't be together as a family on the 18th, so we grabbed some sushi and a cake. We decided that Tripp would definitely LOVE sushi and we belted out happy birthday before the boys blew out the candles. They all went out immediately and Calder declared, "Tripp has no girlfriends!"

Have a great Sunday. I hope you put your feet up for a bit.

*See this Wednesdays post titled, "The day Hugh wanted to die and I wanted to kill him" for all the details.


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