Sleeping on the job

Yesterday, I rushed home from work to take the kids outside. We had had a busy couple of days and missed some opportunities to get outdoors, so I was excited to splash around. I grabbed the kids' gear and excitedly ran to pick them up from daycare. 

Lawson absolutely loved it outside. She walked. She fell. She sat. She walked. She fell. She walked. It was great to have some serious hands off time with her. The wet and cold were non-existent to her. She devoured the fresh air and different experience. 

Calder and I got busy working to clear all the frozen slush from our sidewalks. It was busy work, as there was no where for the water to drain. As soon as the weather gets cold we are going to have an ice runway in front of our house. This was a case of the work being fun, so I happily I smashed up the ice and Calder enthusiastically shovelled it away. 

Booneh was interested in the smashing and shovelling for a few minutes, but then took a perch beside Calder's pile of ice and hung out. Eventually he bored of this and asked to go outside. At first I told him no and suggested a couple things he could do, but he was so whinny and miserable that I told him he was welcome to go inside. He fought it for a couple minutes, crying and begging me to come in with him. When I refused for the 43rd time, he relented and headed in the house. I'm not going to lie. I was pleased to get back to my smashing.

The next 15 minutes were peaceful and wet. I was getting a sweat on smashing ice and Calder and Lawson were catching some vitamin D. Thoughts started running through my mind of Boone getting injured in the house, or pulling every item out of my pantry, so I took a couple last smashes and headed in to investigate.
 This is what I found.  Apparently taking is ski pants off was way to much work. He took a cat nap mid job.
 If you can believe it, Boone slept like this for about 25 minutes. He slept right through Lawson's 5 minutes of savage crying in the entrance way while I got our thoroughly soaked gear stripped off. He slept through Hugh bursting through the door and announcing he was home. He slept through the four of us bustling around the kitchen while supper was getting put on the table and I think he would have even slept through supper, but it was shortly after 5 and we figured supper and his regular bedtime were in his best interest. 

This isn't the first time Boone has konked out on us. Last weekend we were doing some tidying after lunch and Boone snuck into his bed, pulled the covers over himself, and shut his eyes. We woke him after 2 hours.
 At the start of February, I got this picture in a text from daycare. Apparently, Mel had asked him to clean up the blocks while she put Lawson down for a nap. Mel headed upstairs, but Boone had no interest in cleaning, so called it a day, curled up on the couch and was asleep when Mel returned. 
Boone also got his stubborn streak on at lunch at Mel's this month when he refused to eat. Our rule is you try one bite and Mel uses this one with our kids too. But on this day Boone was having none of it. Apparently, he didn't want the "salt" on his toast. Mel tried to explain it was sugar on his cinnamon toast, but Boone was so skeptical he pitted in. He sat there so long, he fell asleep during his protest. What kid doesn't like cinnamon toast and apples?  Mel and I both agreed that at any other time he would have devoured it and declared it, "My favorite", but he is almost three and likes to be his own boss. 

Have a great Saturday! I hope you catch a nap today. . . but maybe in a more comfy place than the stairs.


  1. Wow - Boone can sleep anywhere. My kids are strictly bed sleepers....

    1. Honestly, I would have never in a million years have thought he would be able to do this. It is crazy! Calder is like your kids.

  2. That is a talent! My brother was like that too.

    1. Yep, and I can't see Lawson doing it. At this point she won't even fall asleep in the van when it is her nap time!

  3. That is a talent! My brother was like that too.

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