Style Me Pretty Fall Edition - Week 3

Day 12 - Neutral Sweater, Fitted Tee, Leggings, Leopard Flats
Felt like mixing it up with some camo leggings (Aritzia - Thanks Deena!). I love those leggings and will be wearing them LOTS this winter. Sweater (Bluenotes), Boots (Steve Madden).

Day 13 - Puffer Vest, Plaid Shirt, Grey Jeans, Riding Boots
I found the grey jeggings at Costco ($13.99). I originally got them one size up from my regular, but I couldn't even get them up over my thighs! Needless to say I ended up going back twice and settled on a couple pairs that will fit me and my regular body at a later day and a couple pairs, 3 sizes up, that fit me now. For that price, I figured I couldn't go wrong (but possibly a tiny bit overboard!). Top (non-maternity Bootlegger).

 Day 12 - Military Jacket, Stripped Tee, Leopard Flats, Dark Wash Jeans
I didn't read well and thought it had black jeans, thus I missed the opportunity to wear my regular jeans on the weekend! I really like this look. Top (Thyme), Coat (Bench), Jeans (American Eagle).

Day 15 - Dressy Sweatshirt, Grey Jeans, Ankle Boots
The night before this outfit a friend gave me a box of maternity clothes. In it were MANY things I would not splurge on, but are SO nice that I am thinking I shouldn't have been so cheap buying maternity stuff! It feels good to look good. In the box was this top (thanks, Michelle!). It is hard to tell, but the pants are those dark grey jeggings from Costco. Paired it with my heels to dress it up for work!

Day 16 - Neutral Sweater, Stripped Tee, Boyfriend Jeans, Oxfords

Well, I don't own oxfords and have no desire to, so I dressed up this look with some heels. The sweater is a jersey knit maternity top from my box of goodies. I love this look with the stripped tee under the sweater and will likely be replicating it all winter. Alison had paired this look with a great burgundy bag, so I thought I would give my 2nd pair of $13.99 Costco jeggings a go!

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  1. Your outfits are just way too cute! The camo leggings look great, and so does the striped shirt. I was definitely not nearly as pulled together and stylish when I was pregnant in the late 1990s. I am glad there are not too many pictures of my big dresses and overalls from the thrift store!

  2. Cute looks! My top picks probably Day 12 or the plaid on Day 13, but they are all great.

    Lisa @ Daily Style Finds

  3. I think I should bookmark all of your challenge posts in case I ever have another baby... you make pregnancy look so stylish!

  4. Yay camo leggings and knee high woolies!!!

  5. I have the same camo leggings and love them!! You really are the cutest pregnant gal ever. My fave of the week is the last outfit with the layered striped tee underneath.

    PS - Could anyone ever give Deena a run for her money on clothing options?? If you saw my itty bitty walk in closet you would wonder where I put everything! My hubby has more closet space then me, how is that possible! lol

  6. I'm so amazed you can wear "real" pants still. I have trouble staying comfortable in mat pants.

    I hate pants, really. :/ ;)

    You look amazing. Love that white lacy sweater! :)

  7. Cami leggings?!?! I must find those! So fun!! You look fab...hope you're feeling great!!


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