Style Me Pretty Fall Edition - Week 2

Day 3 - Plaid Shirt, Dark Denim, Ankle Boots, Tassel Necklace

I wasn't quite sure I liked the ankle boots, so didn't wear them out. I have since returned them! I don't think they will get enough wear for the $75! The necklace is copper and was my 8 year anniversary gift from Hugh. I liked the contrast with this outfit. Shirt is non-maternity, so I look forward to continuing to wear it in the spring!

Day 5 - Long Cardigan, Solid Tee, Grey Jeans, Plaid Scarf, Ankle Boots

This is my least favorite outfit of the challenge so far. I like the scarf, but don't like how it is tied. I also am not sure about how much I like that much of my leg exposed in the leggings. My lady parts are covered, and I have nice legs, just not completely comfortable in these pants. I think I would have liked the leggings with tall boots.

Day 6 - Sweater, Dark Jeans, Plaid Scarf, Riding Boots

I wish the sweater was bigger, but as I said on the FB page, it was only $10 and I got the biggest size they had. I LOVE this look. I just started wearing colors this year, basically, but I definitely feel most comfortable in neutrals. The boots I got at Aldo and still haven't worn out of my house. I think I like them :-) . . . .

Day 7 - Stripped Tee, Long Cardigan, Grey Jeans, Leopard Flats

I did a switch on the pants since it was the weekend, because I wouldn't wear these to work. I got them at Value Village for $8. I love them. They are a couple sizes bigger than I normally wear and since they have lots of stretch are really comfy. The more I wore this, the more I loved it!

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  1. You look so pretty in everything! I love how you belted the shirt in the top picture :)!

  2. Cute outfits! I love your leopard scarf look- the boots look great!

  3. Funny enough, I really liked the all neutral outfit. Probably because I usually try to throw as much color into an outfit as possible. I have to remember to go back to the bsics every once in a while. It is such a classic style and looks great on you.

  4. Love the leopard print scarf outfit. And also your legs.

  5. oh my gosh, I love every single outfit you put on! Seriously :) You are so cute.

  6. You look fabulous in all the outfits that you put together this week!


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