Style Me Pretty Challenge Week 1

Day 1 - Stripped Shirt, Boyfriend Jeans, Ankle Boots, Long Necklace

I did the exact opposite of what the challenge encourages us to do. I wore yoga pants and an old t-shirt all day. Normally this wouldn't really bother me, but I left the house and I have this one little rule about leaving the house looking like a scrub. That rule is "Don't leave the house looking like a scrub." Now you may be thinking, "Don't be too hard on yourself" and "We all have those days", but do you go out with crusted food on the front of those yoga pants and beet stains on the front of your shirt? I didn't think so. LOL

Day 2 - Military Jacket, White Shirt, Black Jeans, Tall Boots, Plaid Scarf

So here is what I planned to wear, but I didn't make it out the door (I completely missed the military jacket part, you will have to wait until it comes around again to see mine). Scarf (Joe), Shirt (Thyme), Jeans (American Eagle), Boots (Aldo). I think I would have liked this better with the coat. I wasn't a huge fan of the white top. . . Not sure why. Now the test. Can you figure out why I didn't wear this to work?

How about the huge borscht stain I got on it! UGH! I was carrying a container down to the freezer before work and one of them leaked on me. I was not impressed. Here is a closer look at the boots (these are the ones I bought from my last post). I like the colour and am getting used to how tall they are, but am still on the fence. . . 

 Here is what I did wear:
This was my original idea for the outfit when the post came out, so I wasn't too disappointed that I got to wear it. Shirt (Thyme), Boots (Miz Mooz).

Please check out some of the other girl's outfits. This is our largest group yet. Thanks to Deena for creating the logo and organizing!

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  1. Look at that bump! Adorable. I love the outfit for the second day. Both of them!

  2. love that scarf on you!!!
    AND how cute is your bump?!?!?!? Adorable!

  3. Love both outfits and love seeing more maternity options! IY's more fun than I thought to dress the bump!

  4. when i was pregnant (my baby is 7 months now), it seems like spills were magnetically attracted to my bump. i was running out of shirts too quickly to change every time i spilled. :)

  5. You look great in the outfits that you put together for the challenge! I think white shirts have an unnatural ability to seek out stains...especially if you have somewhere to be!

  6. Don't we all have those days... I like the swap out of the gray tee. This is my first challenge... been a lot of fun so far.

    Lisa @ Daily Style Finds

  7. Borscht and baby bumps go well together.

  8. I like the grey! They match your boots and scarf really well. And I love the plaid scarf. It looks like it's black watch plaid!

  9. I thought that was a heart sticker for your pregnancy! lol

  10. You look so cute pregnant! I love your scarf and boots - very pretty!

  11. Ok, so I thought that stain was a little heart on the representing the baby's heart!!! LOL Loving your bump! Looking fabulous mama!!!

  12. Great scarf! ;) Maybe I should have got both?? You look amazing - especially your bump!

  13. LOVE those MizMooz boots! WOW!!

    And you look fantastic. :)

  14. You are just precious. That is the cutest baby bump I have seen since my daughter was pregnant. So glad to link up with you this challenge.

  15. I couldn't do this challenge simply because I NEVER get around to making my bed for pictures. I can't believe that's over half way with baby bump #4 ... You look fantastic!!!


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