Style Challenge Shopping

I began my Style Challenge shopping a week ago Friday. I found a plaid shirt that is a tunic style. It isn't maternity (yah!) and it covers my bottom (double yah, since I am only wearing leggings these days). I wanted to buy a number of other things that day - particularly a scarf, but didn't find anything I liked.

On Thursday after my treatment, I decided to make a stop at Value Village on my way home. I read a blog about finding boyfriend jeans at thrift stores (sorry, can't remember where I read it to link it) and I wanted to give it a try. I have a pair that I like, but they are a bit higher in the rise and haven't fit me since August. I REALLY didn't want to invest in another pair - but I knew that if I could find a pair for cheap that would run me through my pregnancy, that was a whole other story. The author of the blog suggested looking at slim cut jeans in a few sizes larger than the size you would normally wear. I figured it was worth a try.

I actually ended up find 2 pairs of jeans that day from Value Village. Neither of which would technically be boyfriend. . . But the pickings were slim. There were very few pairs of skinny jeans in the entire store. I am excited about one of the pairs, because I think when my weight is back to normal, they will definitely be great boyfriend jeans. You will have to wait for my style posts to check them out!

On Sunday, I was rewarded with an entire afternoon with no family obligations to head to the mall. If you recall it was my one birthday present request!  After hitting a few stores, I stopped at my favourite drink place. . . I wanted to get a little Mary-Louise Parker/Nancy Botwin thing going on, so I ordered an iced coffee. I NEVER order that. I quite enjoyed it; although the ice didn't last nearly as long as Nancy's does.  Here I am taking a selfie to get Deena's opinion on some boots. . .  I bought them! Don't mind the angry face. I am just concentrating really hard on getting a shot of the boots! Ha!
I ended up coming home with bags of loot on Sunday. Most of my birthday money was spent on boots (Thanks, Mom) and I added a few scarves and some maternity layering tops. I also realized that there is no point trying on non-maternity tops if you are 21 weeks pregnant and hoping they will fit you now and post-pregnacy.

I am excited to show you all my new duds in the next few weeks!  Happy Tuesday!

p.s.  If you are in the market for long tanks, and live in Saskatoon, I have heard Tonic has some amazingly long ones in a ton of colours.


  1. look how cute you are?!
    Glad you had some good finds, can't wait to see how it all comes together through the challenge!

  2. oh my gosh, you are too cute pregnant! Love, love, love the boots! Good buy! Can't wait to see what you bought and how you style your cute baby bump!

  3. Target maternity tank tops are the best! So soft and long! I stretched out my last ones in pregnancy, so I bought some more after and they're not stretched out and you can't tell they're maternity at all.


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