Happy Birthday to Me

I LOVE birthdays. I truly believe everyone should have a day made special, just for them. Which is the main reason I hope that this new baby doesn't share their birthday with Tripp!

I will head to work today and will try and make a special detour to Star Bucks to get my favorite coffee treat (Vanilla Latte, low fat, half sweet). I told all my students on Friday that it was my birthday on Monday. Some will remember, most won't. Whatever! I will get a handful of "happy birthdays" and that alone can make this girl feel special!

Calder has hockey tonight ;-) and so it begins! My special day will have a slight interruption when we head to the rink. The good news is that we will eat what I want to eat (I requested pizza this year . . . Calder and Boone will not be overly thrilled, but whatever! And we will eat cake. . . .They will be thrilled with this!!). I have also requested to have a day to shop for items on the Fall Style Me Pretty Challenge list, so I will be looking forward to that when it arrives.

Did I mention I am turning 35? Is that a milestone? Part of me would like to forget the 35 part of my birthday, but every couple of days Calder mentions something to do with how old everyone is in our house. There is NO way he is NOT going to mention that I turn 35 today, nor will he be able to refrain from telling everyone he sees that it is my 35th birthday today!

Thirty-five feels a bit strange. It sounds a bit old, but I don't feel old. I wonder when people stop saying that or do they?. . . . Would my grandmas would say, "85 sounds old, but I don't feel old"!? 

Happy birthday to me!  Happy Monday!


  1. Happy birthday most beautiful and wonderful friend. Your personal shopper would love to come help you shop ;)

  2. Calder does mention on a daily bases how old everyone is. He knows the ages of everyone in my household as well as the daycare. He reminds me often that I am older (and bigger) than you! I think he thinks he is giving me a compliment because he tells me that you aren't getting and bigger, so I will always be bigger than you! Haha
    Happy birthday

  3. Mel! What a turkey! That is just too funny. Older isn't good or bad to him and big is definitely better. Maybe we should start teaching him some more specific descriptive words like "tall"!

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