Shopping Extravaganza

On Saturday, thanks to Hugh and Deena, I went on a whirlwind shopping spree. Deena posted about it HERE. There are a few pictures on Deena's post if you want to check it out. I am going to do a bit of returning, exchanging, and a bit more shopping before I post my new wardrobe!

Deena is amazing. She scooped out all the stores before we went and had me take pictures of a bunch of my current outfits. It was great because it forced me to go through my closet and see what I really had and in my case what I was lacking. The last time I shopped was in Toronto with Deena 2 years ago in the spring. For the last 6 years I have either been pregnant or on Maternity leave in the fall (save the one after Tripp died), so most of my fall/winter work wardrobe is from 2007. After trying on most of my clothes I made a pile of things that HAD to go. All but 2 pairs of dress pants hit the dust. Not only were they out of style, they didn't fit. I lost my bootilicious bottom somewhere between Calder and Tripp and those pants are all now too big! I then made a mental list of items on the fence. Things I thought I could make work, just depending on what Saturday brought. All of those items have now hit the donation pile. And just so you know, I am not a hoarder. Every couple of months when Community Living or the Diabetes people call I will grab a few things from my closet to donate. All of the clothes I donated were things I had been wearing to work last year before I got too big for them.
Donation pile

I was at first struggling getting new clothes and I am still a bit. My clothes for the most part were in good shape and most of them fit. I felt superficial for needing new stuff. Part of me wants to live in a world where fashion doesn't matter (Think Star Trek). This is a world, where time, energy, and money are spent on more important things (Like innovation and the Borg). And here lies the struggle. . . I like looking nice and dressing in fashionable clothes. I feel good when I put on a new outfit and get dressed up. Although, I wouldn't say I love shopping (other than with Deena - I honestly do LOVE that!), I do like looking nice, because it makes me feel good. So I guess I struggle because I don't want to have clothing shape how I feel, but it does. There are so many things I can work on to become a better Jordan, I just don't think I can justify the time needed to work on how my confidence and self worth is tied to cute shoes and a stylish blazer! So, I am buying new things and focusing on kicking the guilt to the curb!

If you aren't a shopper, find a friend like Deena and have them help you (or I will pimp Deena out to you ;-)). I can't tell you how much better my experience was at the mall with her by my side. She was so helpful. I learned a lot from her and now feel confident going back to the mall without her! I would pay for this service. No joke. It would be well worth it. Shopping was so stress free, I would even call it fun!

I will post next week with some of my finds! Happy Wednesday!


  1. OHH! I cant' wait to see more of the new wardrobe! :)

  2. Best. Day. Ever!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can't wait to see your wardrobe post. Good luck this weekend- text if you need opinion.

  3. I'm starting to think Deena needs to quit teaching and go into business as a personal stylist!!


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