Boone Update

My Grandma E bought Boone his very own "real" remote for Christmas. He loves it!
When do babies turn to toddlers? When they walk? I'm not ready to have a toddler, but I do have a walker. Boone took his first steps January 3. He took them while being encouraged by me, but for the most part in those next couple of weeks he would bend down and crawl when we attempted to get him to walk. In the middle of January he started taking those steps between Hugh and I and enjoyed doing it! On January 18 he started taking some steps without encouragement and by January 25 he had put 4 limb transportation completely behind him.  He is super good at getting up on his own. I think the bear crawling has benefited this. He gets into that position and pushes himself up quite easily. Calder walked right around the same timeline as Boone (although Calder was born 4 weeks early. . . so if we add that in, Calder walked a month before Boone :-) Crazy!). Calder basically lived with a permanent bruise on his head for over a year once he got on the move. Boone has had 3 bruises on his head and 2 where from Calder hitting him with a hockey stick (accidentally, thankfully).  Boone is quite sturdy on 2.

Boone's favorite things to do are to be carried around, roll around in blankets on the floor (Calder is into making forts and jumping in heaps of bedding, so this works out well for Boone), read books, carry around a hockey stick, and throw balls (they mostly go behind him). He loves to eat fried egg (just the yolk, he spits it out if mixed with the white), brown beans, peas, green beans (regular cut only, he won't even put french cut near his mouth), bread, pancakes, and tuna helper. The last one was quite a surprise for us since Boone will rarely put any kind of meat in his mouth - even if I have cut it up into pieces smaller than any eye can detect, he will spit it out along with anything I have tried to hide it in. Boone loves dessert and will point, yell, and sign for whatever it is we are having! Come to think of it, maybe I should try and add salmon or steak into some apple crisp or cake for him! 

Yes, you read that correctly in the previous paragraph, Boone is signing! So far we have mostly seen "more", and "all done" but he is working on book, dog, help, up, drink, milk and diaper change. We are also starting please and thank-you with him. Calder had about a dozen signs before he started talking (which wasn't until about 15 months), and I am hoping to get Boone in the grove as well. Boone is also waving to people and blowing kisses. Way too cute :-)

Boone continues to be a great napper and sleeps though the night. He also continues to be our early riser and averages an approximately 5:30 am wake-up on a daily basis.

Boone has recently been enjoying some late nights out at Hugh's hockey games. He is such a trooper and stays up the entire game. He does well to sit on my lap for most of it. I am SO glad he is walking right now. Rink floors are not known for their cleanliness! That is not to say he doesn't get down on all fours to try and eat the popcorn and french fries he finds. He is quick and I am easily distracted, so he may have even had the odd one! Who am I kidding? He has definitely ate some popcorn and more than likely a fry. During intermission Boone scuttles around the lobby like he owns the place. There is almost nothing cuter than a newly walking babe.

It might be hard to tell here, but Boone's eyes are changing colour. They were once blue and are now moving into a green stage. Hugh's dad and my brother have green eyes, so maybe they will stay. . . or maybe they will move on to brown, just like his daddy's. 


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