Februrary Birthdays

Yesterday was Hugh's birthday. I don't even have to ask him what he wants to do. It's always the same. Steak supper at home with us. I stepped it up a bit this year adding scallops and a homemade banana cream pie (Hugh's ultimate dessert). I asked Hugh in the morning if he was excited for his birthday and he replied, "I am excited, because you are excited." I seriously love birthdays.

I feel like birthdays are a time to give thanks and Hugh's is no exception. I am so thankful that I get to spend every day with such a kind, loving man. Hugh is a fantastic partner and father. I hope he had an amazing day and I wish him all the best in year number 37.

Speaking of birthdays, Tripp's is less than a week away. I think about it lots, but I haven't been dreading his birthday or the anniversary or his death like I have other years. I have been seeing a new counsellor (I still LOVE Brad, but I was looking for something a little bit different). There are a few things I wanted to work on and as I talked with D she suggested we do some grief work. I have already found our couple of meetings very helpful and being given a different perspective has been really beneficial for me. My new thing is gratitude, but more on that in another post. Hugh and I have planned Tripp's birthday and have shared the plans with Calder. I really feel like it is going to be a fun day. My chest gets a bit tight when I type that, but I am excited for what we have planned.

With D's help I am trying to change how I love Tripp. Whenever I feel love for Tripp, it brings me sadness. Over the years I have associated my love for him with sadness. I want to change that. I want to feel happiness when I feel love for Tripp. I feel so lucky that he is part of my life and I want to start feeling happy when I think of him. I know it won't come overnight, but I am really looking forward to working on this new perspective.

Happy Wednesday!


  1. Your family is lucky to have you and your excitement!

    Glad you found someone that you click with too! Thinking of you lots as always this time of year. <3

  2. That is awesome your counsellor has brought a new perspective! Yay for people in that field of work who are so good at their jobs!


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