I know I have mentioned this before, but I love the Olympics. I am so excited to watch sports I don't normally tune into and to see athletes achieving their dreams. I get chills even thinking about it.  I love seeing Canadians on the podium and nothing is better than hearing the national anthem when they stand at the top.

I am hoping to get Calder excited about them as well. I want him to see all the different sports out there. We already watched some prelimanary figure skating* and Calder demonstrated some amazing jumps and spins for me after. We also watched some freestyle moguls and Calder told me he wanted to do that. Hugh and I would love to get him to the ski hill, so hopefully Calder's interest will inspire us to get our butts moving on that one.

Hugh is playing AAA hockey this weekend! So exciting. The Elks will be playing at home on Saturday night in Shellbrook (7:30 pm) and in Lloydminster on Sunday (5:00 SK time). Between Hugh's hockey, the Scotties Tournament of Hearts, and the Olympics. My weekend is booked. Oh, and I want to catch some of my sister's volleyball playoffs and Calder has hockey as well. Good thing I have PVR. I will just have to avoid all forms of media so my sport filled weekend doesn't get spoiled!

Have a wonderful weekend!

*I am so annoyed with the IOC. They have added a team event for Figure Skating at the Winter Olympics and have taken out ball from the Summer Olympics. I get the summer event is bigger and there may be room for more events in the winter, but I still think it's dumb. Team figure skating?!  I think that is pushing it. I guess they have team gymnastics, so they are trying to copy that. Whatever. I guess it isn't so much that they have team figure skating but that they don't have ball. No ball is DUMB.


  1. No ball? let's make our own Olympics and play ball this summer.


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