Rotten Egg

Calder and I went on a fabulous walk/bike ride yesterday. I had Boone in my wrap as we cruised the walking paths around our house. I just feel good being out in this fresh air. The sun feels so amazing.  We were gone for over an hour and as we made our way back onto our crescent Calder told me he wanted to race.

"Mom, let's say the first one home is a rotten egg."

"Sure we can race, Bud, but I think you mean the last one home is a rotten egg."

"Yah, the FIRST one home is a rotten egg. The last one home is a bird."

"Alright . . . but you better get going, because I am winning!"

Calder beat me to the driveway (of course) and as he waited he was riding his bike in tight circles in the driveway chanting, "I'm the rotten egg. I'm the rotten egg." I was obviously laughing when I made my way up the drive. Calder then told me that I was the bird.

Yes, bud. This bird gave birth to a rotten egg. Makes perfect sense :-)


  1. <3 SO awesome that being the rotten egg is awesome now! :) Love how the world works... :)


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