Calder's Mishaps. Part 2.

The treadmill mishap happened in the morning. Mishap #2 happened at 9:30 pm that night at the lake.

Our boy was seriously pumped to go to the lake that Friday. It was the first time of the season and Calder had been waiting all winter to head back to the cabin. He was so excited on Friday that just about every five minutes he was asking me, "When are we going to the lake?" By the time early afternoon hit, I was ready to lose my mind. I threatened to lock him in the backyard if he asked one more time. I was serious and apparently Calder could tell. He didn't ask again. Instead he took a break for about 20 minutes and then began asking when Hugh was coming home.  We were leaving once he arrived from work. Well played, Calder. Well played.

Calder normally hits the hay between 7 pm and 7:30 pm, but we didn't arrive at the lake until almost 7 pm and there was way too much exploring and playing to do in the sand to get our man to bed on time. At 9 pm we roped him in for a snack. The cabin was a bit chilly, so while he ate Uncle Luke started a fire in the wood stove.  When Calder was done eating he headed to the bathroom. Luke wasn't quite quick enough to get out the, "Don't touch the stove" warning, before Calder laid his whole hand on the top of the stove.

All at once 3 people were asking Calder, "Are you alright?" There was a delay. And then there was a scream and crying worse than I had heard earlier that morning. I was upstairs trying to get Boone to sleep. Boone was just about out when he heard Calder's bellow. Boone immediately got the saddest face and started crying. As Calder would wind down, so would Boone and the moment Calder started crying again, Boone would get the sad face and wind up again. Gotta love a little sympathy crying!

By the time I got Boone to bed and made my way downstairs, Uncle Luke and Auntie Brittany had Calder up on the counter and were addressing his wounds. Brittany was holding a pound of frozen lard on Calder's 3 BLISTERED fingers (Calder was refusing to put on them) and Luke was dressing the treadmill wounds.

Luke had 3 of the wounds dressed before he realized that he had grabbed the muscle and joint cream (think A535) from the first aid kit, rather than the polysporin. He immediately asked Calder if his cuts were burning. Not surprisingly they were! Luke immediately stepped down as the first responder and let his wife-to-be (and nurse) Brittany take the lead!

Needless to say we went through ALOT of bandaids that weekend at the lake. At any give time Calder would have 2 on his leg, 2 on his foot, and 3 on his fingers!

I am hoping our boy learned a couple of lessons that day. Only time will tell ;-)


  1. Poor guy. Little boys keep ya busy thay way :). Here's to hoping it only happen s once


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