Boone 9 Weeks

Boone is a really good baby. We are so lucky!

He eats every 3 hours and skips a feed a night! At first he would give me a couple 4 hour stretches between feeds at night and now he is giving me a 6 hour stretch between feeds (so about 5 hours of consecutive sleep). During the day he only stays up for around an hour and we have to start his wind-down routine at about the 50 minute mark. He then typically sleeps for 2 hours. He is not perfect. Sometimes we have to go in and give him a hand falling back to sleep if he wakes up. It is very rare that we aren't able to settle him back down.

Boone is the noisiest eater alive. My milk comes very fast and he smacks on every suck to control the flow. I haven't breastfeed in a public place yet (other than the odd bathroom), but I am sure to get a few looks when I do!

Boone gives us lots of smiles after he eats. He enjoys sitting in his vibrating chair and in the swing. For the most part Boone only cries when he is tired or hungry.

The most challenging part to keeping Boone happy is taking him out of the house. He is definitely a member of our family as his favourite place to be is at home! Boone will basically start crying if his car seat stops moving. So today at Costco when I spent too long looking at shoes, screaming ensued!  But I eventually scored the only remaining black size 9 Crocs for Calder!

Boone likes his bath time. He screamed the first time Hugh bathed him and hasn't cried since! Boone also likes tummy time and often falls asleep in this comfy position (he is definitely his dad's son in this regard!).

Calder adore's Boone and affectionately calls him, "Tiny". Calder likes to put his face right in Boone's at every available moment! Boone usually starts grunting and trying to back away from Calder. Unfortunately for Boone, he doesn't have great control of his head yet. Fortunately for Boone, Hugh and I waste no time in reminding Calder that "Boone does not like that!"  We had our first injury. Calder was horsing around on the bed this week. I told Calder to get off, because it was too dangerous for Boone. Calder decided to do one last flop and knocked into Boone. Tears starting flying all around. First Boone, then Calder, and lastly me (my were a mixture of anger and worry!). When Boone's crying subsided and Calder and I had a little chat, Calder went over to apologize to Boone. He said, "Boone, I'm sorry for punching you in the face." I could barely contain my giggles. Their first scrap!

We got Calder some new flip flops this weekend and Hugh asked me if we should just chuck his old ones (they are very well worn). We decided that they had a bit of wear left for Boone. I then had a thought. Boone might not have an obsessive love for flip flops like Calder. Boone might just hate them. I had this wave of excitement wash over me. How fun it is going to be to really get to know our little man's personality as he grows?

Thank-you to my dear friend, Deena, for snapping a bunch of great shots of Boone a couple of weeks ago. You can check out Deena and her sister, Kyla's, work at Parkography.


  1. These are awesome pics!


  2. He is adorable!!! I am glad breastfeeding is going well (despite the noisy feeds. lol). All mine were a bit noisy when the were wee babes but it got better as my milk flow suited them better.

    It is indeed fun to watch personalities develop. All four of mine are completely their own people and I appreciate all the difference in our house.

  3. Oh he is cute, cute, cute. I am so glad that things are going well!!

  4. So cute! You & Hugh sure make some handsome little dudes. :) Rachel is also a laid-back baby - I chalk it up to me being more relaxed. Here's to our thoughtful babies who let us get some semblance of sleep every night at such a young age!'

  5. SO beautiful. Boone needs to have a little chat with Brynlee, I do believe... They're on the same schedule, but if Boone could explain that closing your eyes and letting sleep happen is okay... that would be great! ;)

    Love those deep eyes! :) :) Enjoy the smiles!


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