Back at My Happiness Project

I am back on the treadmill this week (I refuse to run in snow and this is what I woke up to on Monday which was Day 1).

I am doing a couch to 5 km program. I found a free app on my phone that seems to be good called C25K FREE if you are interested in joining me. I definitely have some work to do in order to get into shape. It starts with running 1 minute and walking 1.5 minutes and at 8 weeks has you running 5 km. I walked slow and jogged slow and still had to stop a couple of time to catch my breath on Day 1!  I am glad I am back at it. I like being in good shape, especially when it comes to running around with Calder!

I would eventually like to run in a 5 km race. I'm not sure when I will get my act together and enter one. I will be done the program at the end of June, but I don't want to enter a run during the summer. This is partly due to the summer being busy, but I also want to be able to more than just complete a 5 km race. I want to be able to job at a pace I am proud of. I am thinking about making my goal to run a race in the fall. If you know of any good ones around Saskatoon, I would love to hear about them!


  1. Umm... HELLZ YA!! Colour Me Rad!!

    Sept 14th 9am. Join my team!! :) :) Registration opened today! :)

  2. There's one in Martensville every fall, put on by Boehm's Physiotherapy. Not sure if the info is up on their website yet, but you could check.

  3. Colour Me Rad!! Looks insanely fun :)

  4. I am trying to do the same Jordan! I hate running to begin with but I am going to do the Color Me Rad run in September i hope! Throw me in a sport and I can run forever but to just run, I hate it!!! I believe I tried the App you are using but found it went from running 6 minutes or so to running 20 mins in a matter of 1 week!! Hope yours is better!


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