Random Thoughts

. . . Last Sunday, for the first time since delivering Boone I stepped on the scale and didn't see a decrease in my weight. I was deflated. I had started my walk to run program and thought that would be an aid in getting back to my pre-pregnancy shape. I did a quick inventory of my eating habits last week. Breakfast consisted of an apple and low-fat muffin. Lunch was a salad. Supper was a free for all and the only snacks I had during the day were bananas. All in all pretty darn good. Unfortunately, in the evenings I ate a total of 2 bowls of popcorn (drenched in butter - is there any other way to eat it?), 2 Blizzards, and a chocolate bar. I think I see the problem! I got all 3 of my runs in this week and needless to say I didn't eat ANY junk after supper! Even if the scale doesn't move, I will be feeling ALOT better about myself come my Sunday weigh-in!

. . . Did you hear about the transgender who wanted to try a dress on in a wedding boutique and was denied by the owner? I did and assumed it happened somewhere in the states. Nope. It happened in Saskatoon. Makes me sad, but glad to hear that a bunch of people gathered at the boutique, Jenny's, in support of the the girl. The news this week said that a claim would be made with the Human Rights Commission. I am interested to see how this plays out. I bought my wedding dress there, but I wouldn't recommend others shop there unless Jenny's apologizes.

. . . Calder "hit" Boone again. In almost the same manor as last time, flopping on the bed. This time there were only 2 sets of tears. I was hot! Needless to say, a LONG talk ensued, an apology was made, and a new rule of "Calder is not allowed on the bed" was created.

. . . I got my hair cut last night from a dear friend, Heidi. The best part? Our chat. The second best part? Being alone with my thoughts on the drive! Man, I completely forgot how all consuming it is to be at home full time! It was nice to be able to do some reflecting without someone interrupting me asking, "Mom, watch this." or having a baby screaming!

. . . A couple of weeks ago, I was talking with Hugh about what we were getting our mothers for Mother's day. Calder asked what Mother's day was. I explained that it was a special day for mothers and that he and Hugh had created gifts for me in the past and bought me a present. He asked if he got a present, and I explained that since it was my special day only I got a present.  I then explained that shortly after Mother's Day was Father's day. Calder said, "Oh. I get a present then?" I further explained that on Father's day, his dad would get a present. Calder threw his head back and started wailing. Between gasping breaths, I could barely make out, "When is my special day?" I bit my lip to hold the giggles back! That kid just had a month long birthday celebration, not to mention a number of "big brother" gifts!

. . . I am not sure what kind of feelings Mother's Day will bring. It is usually better not to try and predict how I am going to feel, but just to make sure I have the day planned the way I think I will have the best chance of having a good day. This year we will be in Tisdale at my Mom and Dad's. We will be seeing both my siblings and their partners. After that, we will come home and head to Tripp's tree and bench. I got a new solar light to put there and the ground will be soft enough to put it by his tree. The weather is going to be gorgeous. I can't wait.  Happy mother's day.


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