I have heard lots of complaints about the snow in the last week. You won't hear me complain about snow. Ever. Keep in mind I don't shovel our driveway ;-)

On Sunday when Brittany was putting up our decorations snow started falling. We had Christmas tunes playing and were decorating our tree, but it was the snow that made it feel most like Christmas.

Calder loves playing outside in the soft stuff. You should see the fort he made with Hugh in the backyard and his extended slide off our deck. Mount Hamilton is looking large on our front lawn and the hill in North Hills Park is covered with a brand-new blanket. Freshly fallen snow BEGS to be played in.

Just the thought of packing up our snowboards and heading to a hill gives me a rush of excitement. There is nothing like a soft layer of newly fallen snow under your board.

And what about the excitement surrounding a snow day? I know. They NEVER happen here. To my knowledge in Saskatoon there was one and it was 6 years ago. Even though the likely hood of having one is slim, the thoughts that surround what I would do if I was trapped in the house all day make me smile.

I truly do love all the snow.

Now the -30 they are predicting for later in the week - you WILL hear me complain about that :-)


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