It's writing time

It is Christmas letter time at the Hamilton residence. Last year we didn't write one, but both Hugh and I feel we are up for the task once again this year. We usually try to make our letters informative and funny at the same time. Well, Hugh and I think we're funny. I am not sure how the recipients of our letter feel! Hugh and I have quite a bit of fun writing them together.

If you want to read some great exerpts from Christmas letters check out THIS post from It is a good reminder about "Too much information"! Here's one of my favorites:

Desmond had to undergo surgery for his colon.  He has diverticulitis and can't eat popcorn anymore.  After surgery, he had to walk around with a colostomy bag.

Poor Desmond. Not only no popcorn, a poop bag as well.

Hugh and I get a Christmas card every year from a great aunt. We keep her cards in a special file and when the holiday season hits, we pull them out. She is a sweet, dear woman, but we can't help get a kick out of the infomation she puts in her letter. I really, really want to share, but unfortunately some of the information is WAY too personal to write on this space!

I just love receiving Christmas cards in the mail. It is one of the best parts of the holiday season! I can't wait to get ours out!


  1. SO AGREE!! Except that I might not get mine sent out until the 28th-ish... :s :/


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