Feeling Charitable?

If you are planning on making a charitable donation this holiday season, you might want to have a read!

Conexus is matching all donations to the Children's Hospital Foundation of Saskatchewan for the holidays. Click HERE to go the Children's Hospital donation page. To have Conexus match your donation all you have to do is click on the comments box and enter, "Conexus" on the donations' page.

Until December 10th, you can donate to hundreds of charities through Canadahelps.org and receive 5% cash back in your Paypal account when you pay for your donation with Paypal. A coworker mentioned that his church was even listed on this website! 

I recently found a way to donate straight to Dr. Whitington (He is the doctor who has done all the research on Neonatal Hemochromatosis). The link is HERE. You will see the name Kelly Hiles in the In Honor of/ In Memory of box. She recently put together a HUGE golf fundraiser (she lives in Australia!) raising over $20 000. All the funds she raised are going directly to Dr. Whitington's research. Read about her efforts HERE. If you choose to donate to NH research, feel free to change Kelly's name to whomever you like. I did :-)


  1. It's awesome that you mention Conexus in your blog. I am a Conexus staff member and we are very proud to be on board with this foundation and match any donations. This Children's Hospital is going to be such a great thing for Sask. as we have needed this hospital for many years now. I can't wait till the day the hospital doors open. It will be a great day for all SK people even if they don't think about or know it at the time. Happy donating everyone!!

    Janelle Schultz


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