Peanut Butter and Honey

Most mornings I eat my peanut butter toast at the bathroom sink while I get ready. It never seems like I have time to sit-down and eat, so in the morning eating on the go has become my norm. Yesterday morning I was so exhausted when I woke up, I decided I needed a treat for breakfast. Really stepping out of my box, I added some honey to my peanut butter toast!

Not surprisingly, Calder immediately noticed that my toast was looking significantly more delicious that it usually does. Because of this, he decided that my treat should be his breakfast. Calder stood on the toilet and visited me while he devoured my toast. It was a fun change in my routine, but I think yesterday will be a one-time only deal after the series of events that transpired.

• Calder tipped the toast plate off the counter sending it crashing to the floor. In an attempt to save his toast, he caught it on the side of our counter with the back of his hand, covering his hand with peanut butter and honey gooeyness. Calder immediately burst into tears because he had wrecked the toast and wanted a new piece.

• Hugh came to Calder’s rescue with a new piece of toast. While munching on that one Calder decided he would take advantage of eating in front of a mirror and opened his mouth with a big wad of bread in it. It fell onto the toilet where the tank meets the seat. Luckily, I caught Calder with the wad of bread in his hand inches from putting it back in his mouth.

• Four bites later, with a mouthful of food, Calder sneezed. Three times. Spraying the contents of his mouth all over the mirror, wall, counter, and sink.

• About 5 bites after that, Calder leaned against the mirror above the toilet and knocked it off the wall. I barely had time to catch it before it crashed to the floor.

I LOVE Calder’s company, but I think from now on peanut butter and honey toast will be relegated to the kitchen table.


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