Treatment #2

Today is my 2nd IVIG treatment. I am a bit nervous about the headaches, but I will pound water and hope for the best.

I have packed a huge bag of stuff. Last time I went the nurses kindly gave me a hard time about bringing so much stuff! The thing is, I used every single thing.

I am taking my phone and am hopeful that the Internet will cooperate - I am going to try and blog my day in iPhone pics. . . Here goes nothing!

You might remember that Hugh always trades me vehicles when his is out of gas. I barely made it to Costco this morning :-)
I know this is hard to read, but it is at the end of my bed and I can't stop staring at it. I am convinced that the 2nd "are" should be an "is". Grammar fanatics, I look forward to your response!


  1. Definitely "is" because it belongs to "place," which is singular. Try saying it without the middle clause, and you'll know for sure it makes sense: "The only place IS in your mind."

  2. It would drive me crazy. I'd have to get up and fix it. hahahaha.

  3. Thank you for the confirmation! All I have to say is "I KNEW it!" LOL

  4. I like picture blogs!!


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