First IVIG treatment

Today is my first IVIG treatment. I am heading to the hospital to check in at admitting for 7:30 am. My treatment will hopefully start on time at 8:00 am. I am nervous and anxious about having the treatment. I worry about how it will make me feel. I also worry if it will work. I am also excited for it at the same time. Once I get one treatment under my belt I won't have to be nervous or anxious about how I will feel or how long it will take. Today some of those unknowns will be answered and that is exciting.

I am taking my phone, iPad, and knitting (I took it up last night just to have something to do at my treatments!). I don't have a book on the go right now, so I am not taking one. I am a big reader, so this feels like a bit of an oversight, but I just don't have anything I am looking forward to reading. I have my iPad, so I can download anything I want at the hospital (I will take any suggestions!).

I am also taking a blanket. I read online that some women get cold during the treatments. I am sure they have blankets, but a little piece of home will be comforting. My lunch is packed as well - thanks Hugh! (apple, banana, sandwich, and veggies)

I am going to try to update this post throughout the morning to give you a peak at my day.

9:02 am

The IVIG has just started. Apparently I have "wiggly" veins, because there was quite a bit of digging around for the nurse to get the IV in! I am sitting next to a lovely woman who has given me the insight on the blood product. She gets about the same amount of the blood product as me and she said it normally takes about 6.5 hours. They are giving mine to me slowly today because it is my first time, which means I could be here most of the day. For her the worst part is a headache, so hopefully I will be the same.

12:22 pm

So far so good. I haven't been able to do as much knitting because the IV is being irritated, but other than that I feel well. My new estimate is that I will be done around 2:00 pm. I am feeling well so they have been able to speed things up. I tried to have a nap, but between the IV liquid, being pregnant, and trying to stay hydrated to avoid a headache, I have to pee every 20 minutes! The visitors Internet ar the hospital is TERRIBLE. It is unbearably slow. I will definitely have to get a SIM card for my iPad - my cell just isn't as easy to maneuver around on, let alone type. In fact, I just tried to publish this post 8 times without any luck. Sigh!

2:18 pm

I'm home. I am not feeling 100%. That being said, I feel pretty good. I am beginning to get a bit of a headache, so when I went to leave the nurse prescribed a nap. She said they sometimes help. That is a prescription I don't mind taking at all!  Good-night!


  1. I think it would be a fabulous gift too, to be able to give your baby your blanket that kept you warm, kept you feeling loved and kept you focused on him/her! :) I hope yesterday went quickly for you and that you weren't too uncomfortable! <3

  2. First treatment done! Way to go, Jordan! Hope you had a good nap and have a good start to your new school year.

  3. I hope you felt good after your nap! Hopefully you will find a book to read next time! I recommend anything by Jodi Picoult - I've read a few of her books and have found them very hard to put down!


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