Kerri and Jordan Day

On Saturday my friend, Kerri, and I had a day to ourselves which we fittingly named, Kerri and Jordan Day. We were treated at Spa Ahava with facials and pedicures (I also snuck in a massage while Kerri did some shopping on Broadway). I spent the afternoon relaxing and being pampered in the company of a good friend. What could be better than that?

It was great to have the afternoon with Kerri. These days we don't get to visit as often as I'd like and when we do there are children around which makes any serious conversation hard to maintain. It was nice to have some uninterrupted time for ourselves. It was also nice to know we had all day. I never felt rushed to tell her something, I knew that eventually we would make our way to a plethora of topics.

Once our spa treatments were over we got ourselves dolled up and met a couple of friends, Deena and Michelle, for supper at The Upstairs Fondue (It is pricey, but completely delicious. The meal took forever - in a good way. There were four courses which gave us ample opportunity to visit! The Upstairs Fondue also allow you to make reservations on a Saturday night. I totally recommend the experience!).

I hadn't spent much time with Deena since our camping trip at the end of summer and it had been months since I'd seen Michelle. There was much to catch up on.

During our conversation at supper there were multiple times where babies were talked about as well as an in depth conversation about the dynamic relationship between siblings. The last few months it has become easier to talk about babies. I never had a problem talking about my babies with these ladies, but I definitely didn't always feel comfortable talking about their babies or just other babies in general. I know that part of the reason it has become easier is because I am pregnant. I also know that in the spring, before I got pregnant things were starting to become easier. I am going to say that time and pregnancy are both contributing factors to how I felt that night. I am glad I am to the point where I can be engaged in a conversation about babies. They are so much of what our lives are about. I know there are still limits and boundaries to how I feel. I don't always feel comfortable, but it is nice that there are times when I do.

I felt Tripp's presence the most when the girls were talking about their children's relationships with each other. I didn't have anything to add to the conversation. It wasn't that I felt left out. Just a bit sad that I was supposed to have something to contribute. I wanted to comment. I wanted to speculate about the kind of brother Hugh and I think Calder would be. But all it would have been is speculation and probably through rose colored glasses. Not really helpful when people are trying to solve real problems in real relationships. As they talked I zoned out for a moment to reflect on how far I have come. I year ago I would have excused myself when they started that conversation. Actually, a year ago, I would bet, that these woman wouldn't have talked about sibling relationships around me. Incredible how far our relationships have come.

If you haven't done a girl's night in a while, send out an email or a text and start planning. You will feel vitalized and refreshed. Guaranteed. Happy weekend!


  1. hmmmmm funny how we post about the same sort of things on the same day. Great minds think alike, me thinks. I loved our evening together and hope we can start to make a regular occurrence of it- it was such a good time!


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