Snap Back Day

Yesterday was Snap Back Day at school. Have no clue what that means? Neither did I.

Snap back is what the kids are calling ball hats that have the plastic snaps at the back. When I went to high school, those hats were just called hats. To accommodate those of us without snap backs, they said if you didn't have one you could wear any kind of hat. Not sure why they didn't just call it hat day.

I guess snap back sounds cooler. Not to mention makes teachers feel old!

17 weeks


  1. Thank you for clarifying... I had no idea! You look beautiful! :)

  2. :) you are one of THOSE women...the ones that look fit and radiant with just a growing jealous! I get plump everywhere! It is like someone grabbed a bike pump and inserted some air and fluff under my

    I would have had NO CLUE about the snap back thing. I feel old...

  3. Kelly - You are too kind. I was looking back at pictures today and this is how big I was at 23 weeks with Tripp. I may be feeling like someone used their bike pump on me by the end of this :-)


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