My big event

I can't wait for this week to be over. Let me be more specific. I can't wait until the volleyball tournament I have organized is over!

All of us know that planning an event, whether it be a wedding, birthday party, or a dinner party, can be a daunting amount of work. And I know I am not the only one who has planned an event that I can't wait to end.

It's not that I won't enjoy the tournament (or the birthday party or family gathering). In fact, more often than not, these events are a fabulous time. There is just something about being responsible for everything going off with out a hitch that can be very nerve wracking.

I have a check list. I have checked things off. This is not my first rodeo volleyball tournament. But still, the anxiety about a smoothly run tournament is sitting at the back of my mind. I know that people are flexible and the likelyhood that anything "major" happening is extremely low, but I still can't stop thinking, Did I copy scoresheets?, Did I let the caretakers know about the influx of athletes?, Did I put in the request to get officials?, Did I have the giant draw printed off? Did I request a cash box from our secretary?, Did I remember to do all the things I thought I would forget?

I am hoping once the tournament gets going this afternoon that my nerves will calm as things go off without a hitch. Hopefully, at that point, I will be able to sit back at soak in the excitement as things start to flow. I am looking forward to take in some thrilling volleyball matches, while knitting. (Hugh rolled his eyes when I told him I was bringing my knitting this weekend - but seriously, those 72 squares aren't going to knit themselves!).

I hope all the events you've planned this weekend go off without a hitch!


  1. Knitting is an awesome way to pass the time. I find it helpful when I know I will be sitting and waiting for a doc apt or something, I will throw a ball of yarn and needles into my purse. I would almost rather do that than read.

    Are you making a baby blanket? My first baby blanket was made out of squares, and it was a nice easy, portable project, but sewing the squares together was no fun, haha.

  2. So true! Especially while trying to teach and having 12 million other things on your mind too! I'm sure the weekend will be a huge success, but will be happy for you once you get a chance to celebrate by having a nap. ;)

  3. Angie - I am making a blanket! Exactly like you said - made out of squares. I am going to head out to my grandmas to get some assistance on the sewing them together part!

    Dani - so far so good this weekend. Only 9 more hours to go! A nap will definitely be in order tomorrow!


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