Odds and Ends

I had my nap yesterday after my treatment. An hour and a half of bliss. Unfortunately, it didn't cure my headache. It is 8:12 pm on Thursday and I still have one. My hematologist said that the headaches from the treatment could last 2 to 3 days. Here's hoping mine is gone tomorrow morning. I hate taking Tylenol when I am pregnant, but I didn't have any choice at work today. I wouldn't have been able to function without it.
• • •
We were getting ready for bed tonight and Hugh pointed out my belly to Calder. Calder's first words, "mine is bigger." Right now Calder is bigger and taller than anyone (including Hugh :-). Calder also is quick to point out he has more monster trucks, more toys, or more food on his plate than anyone. None of this is true (well, maybe the monster trucks - he is seriously spoiled and obsessed), but just so you know, Calder will try to one up you on ANYTHING!  I will definitely be getting a picture of our naked bellies together. It was seriously so cute when he was pushing his out and jamming it into my belly!
• • •
Tonight I asked Calder if he knew what month his birthday was. I noticed his day home provider has a cool chart in her basement with all the kids names under their respective birthday months. He didn't know, but when I told him it was in March he said, "Right when the baby is born." I was pretty pumped, because the last conversation we had about it was the one I posted on my blog!
• • •
I told Calder that the baby is supposed to be here on March 5th and that his birthday is March 8th. We counted the days between the dates and he said, "I hope the baby doesn't die." At the same time, Hugh and I both said, "Me too."
• • •
I am completely looking forward to this weekend. We are going to spend some time outdoors with family. Fall is Hugh's favorite season and when I walked to pick up Calder after school today, I actually toyed with the idea that maybe it is mine too!

Have a great weekend!


  1. Sorry to hear about the headaches:( NO FUN.

    Autumn is DEFINITELY my favourite season. IT was one of my favourite things about living out east, because Fall would last a long time and the colours were awesome. Still love it here but wish it were longer...


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