Where My Mind's At

My mind has not been focused on blogging. My lack of posting makes that statement obvious.  During the school year I have oodles of time in my own head. On the way to and from work I am always thinking about how I feel and formulating blog posts (along with developing lessons, organizing our lives, and meal planning!). I have found during the summer I have NO time alone, so I have felt scrambly trying to formulate something to write in the evening. Even though I have more time to write, I don't enjoy writing when it feels like I have nothing planned to say.

I think for the next few weeks I am going to step back a bit from my blog. I will still post occasionally, but I am not going to write just so I can get my four posts out a week. I am going to write when it really feels like I have something to say.
• • •
Conversation between my brother and Calder:

Luke: Calder, what do you want to be when you grow up?
Calder: looks to Uncle Luke and puts four fingers in the air.
Luke: You want to be four?
Calder: Yes. I am going to be four just like Wade (his buddy from daycare!)

• • • 

Yesterday, while in Walmart, I realized that stranger's babies don't make me stop breathing anymore. Up until this point, I would see an infant and be so stricken with emotion that I would actually hold my breath. I saw a woman in the baby aisle with her brand new son and I just continued on my way to grab some yogurt. I am probably a long way from seeing a baby and not having feelings of saddness, but at least my heart isn't stopping anymore.

And in what turned out to be a big day for me, I also "awed" at a gorgeous baby on T.V. last night. I haven't done that since before Tripp was born. It made me well up with tears.

   • • •
Today, I am off to the library to pick up a couple new books. I haven't read anything in the last week. I tend to get obsessed with books and when I have something good in my hands, I don't want to do anything but read! I have been TRYING to get some school work done, so I have been avoiding books . . . But I think it is important to have something to lay with on the beach! 

Happy August Long!


  1. Have a great weekend Jordan. Thinking of all you guys at the lake.
    Aunty Pat


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