I had baking to get done last night. I wanted to make some muffins and cookies for the weekend. The weather COMPLETELY cooperated giving me thunder, lightning, hail, and sheets of rain as my backdrop while I worked in the kitchen.

Calder couldn't get enough of the storm. He was running from one side of the house to the other checking out the different views! Then when he saw the fun I was having in the kitchen he came to be my helper. He stirred for a bit and while I grabbed the chocolate chips, Calder opened a jar of sprinkles that, for some reason unbeknownst to me, happen to be sitting by my bowl of cookie dough. Calder put his little hand underneath the open jar and poured. And poured. And poured. By the time I turned around, half the jar were on the counter (or the floor).  There were about 14 sprinkles in his hand.

After Hugh cleaned up the mess :-) I put my first sheet of cookies in the oven and noticed a couple of balloons on the counter. It took some serious lung power to get those things blown up!  Calder and I then started a game of "Don't let the balloon hit the floor". One of the best sports ever to be played in a house. I told him the rules.

1. Don't let the balloon hit the floor.

2. You must count every hit out loud to see how many you get in a row. Because, seriously, it is WAY more fun if it's competitive!

On our very first game of DLTBHTF (for short) Calder and I got 34! I was pretty pumped! I made a huge deal by using my best announcer voice to say, "Mama and Calder are the new world record holders for "Don't let the balloon hit the floor" with 34 incredible hits". Yes. I was a bit excited.  Side note: Calder is really improving his counting. We used to have ten, eleven twelve, thirteen, eleventeen. Now we have ten, eleven, twelve, thirteen, fourteen,  fifteen, eleventeen! 

I threw another sheet of cookies in the oven while Calder worked on his individual game for a few minutes. When we got back at it, we only got to 8 on the first game (and I almost fell down the stairs trying to bring the balloon back into play). The next game Calder fell in a sweet play to keep the balloon up. I commended him on his effort. BIG MISTAKE. Calder, encouraged, then felt the need to fall every single time he hit it. It got so bad that he started having trouble getting up between hits. I am so competitive that I actually told him that if he kept falling on purpose I wasn't going to play. It's just not fun if you don't win :-) After that we got in the mid-twenties a couple times, but unfortunately no where near our record setting game.

We will be challenging the record again tonight. Wish us luck.


  1. Best Game Ever. Second time I've read about it on a blog this week... but your competitive game sounds much more fun! :) :)

  2. I always say that a balloon provides the best value entertainment: 5 cents for hours of entertainment for kids of all ages:)


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