The two weeks of Vancouver 2012 I spent glued to my couch. I watched every single moment. I was on maternity leave and took full advantage. I actually felt sorry for people who had to go to work and were missing all of the record breaking accomplishments by Canadian athletes. I would watch the events live during the day and then the re-cap with Hugh in the evening. I seriously could not get enough.

These Olympics are no different. I love watching any event. I especially love watching athletes have their dreams come true. In the last few days, I have had more tears of happiness come to my eyes than I have in a long time. I just can't fathom training your whole life for one thing and then have your success rest on one competition. I know the Olympics aren't everything, but they are pretty darn big.

My favorite moments so far are:
1.   Antoine Valois-Fortier's bronze medal performance in judo. He wasn't even supposed to be anywhere near the top 10 and had caused upset after upset on his way to the podium.

2.  The Canadian women's gymnastics team. For the first time in Olympic history Canada qualified for the team event and after a fabulous day, the girls finished 5th behind the 4 major gymnastics powerhouses (USA, Russia, Romainia, and China). Pretty awesome.

Happy watching!


  1. New favorite Olympic moment to add to the list: Rosie MacLennan's gold on trampoline. First Canadian gold in this sport, and first Canadian gold of the 2012 Olympic Games!


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