Take # . . . I lost count.

This video is longer than I anticipated. Partly, because I had an uncooperative child. Partly, because I think said child is so darn cute and funny.

More to follow on Monday!


  1. Congrats Jordan, Hugh, and Calder!

  2. Great idea! Calder is so funny, what a monkey. Also- your hair looks great was this done after your hair cut?

  3. HURRAY!!!! BEST POST EVER!! :) :) :)EEPS! :)

  4. This made my day!
    Congratulations to you, Hugh and Calder! Man, Calder was cracking me up! Thanks for sharing!!!!

  5. Congratulations! That is great news Jordan!

  6. Fantastic news!!! Maybe now we'll actually get serious about getting together? Mat leave is a great time for that - our boys can play, and then our little ones can just chill 'n' stuff. :)

    I am so happy for you and your family.

  7. Sooooooooooo happy for you all!!!!!!! This is great news Jordan :))))

  8. Congrats you guys :)
    So happy for you.
    Love Aunty Pat

  9. I have 3 things to say (beyond the crazy amount of congrats I've already told you)
    1. Calder totally cracked me up! If you hadn't filmed it, he would have gave you some touching moment no one would have believed. :)
    2. NICE BOOBS!!!!
    3. Aaron has my old old cell number that you texted. He said "Good thing it wasn't 10 years ago. Getting a text with no name - saying they were about to go public about their pregnancy.....it might have stopped my heart!" Bahhaha!!!


  10. Congratulations Jordan and Hugh! Calder is so cute and is going to make one awesome big brother. Thanks for sharing!
    Erica M.

  11. Congratulations Jordan, Hugh and Calder! That is awesome news! I love Calder's reaction when you ask if he'd like a brother or sister for his birthday! You can see the wheels turning!



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