Night off.

I took a drive tonight to P.A.  I met my parents there to give our dog, Cleo, to them.  My grandma will be looking after her while we are visiting my brother in Rapid City, SD.

The best part of the drive was the time alone.  I found an old, old CD in the car, circa 1997 and rocked out (dancing and all) to Aqua, No Doubt, Our Lady Peace, Lisa Loeb, Meridith Brooks, The Wallflowers and Everclear.  What a great night.  It took me right back to milk shakes at Chicky D, laps after school and going to Trojan games.  Not to mention the great times that took place at TUCS, my old high school.

I arrived home safely and was quickly brought back to 2009 unloading groceries, cleaning the kitchen, and the realization that there will be no partying tomorrow night.  After my night off, I am totally psyched for Calder's bath, bottle, book and 7 o'clock bedtime.


  1. Gotta love the 7pm bedtime!! Evenings are a whole new ball game in the land of parenthood :)

  2. Great choice of tunes, Jordan. I'm sure we've listened to that once numerous times on our jaunts to the Brook.


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