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Love Story

This weekend, I was at a Christmas party and ended up chatting with a lady (Judy) I just met. The conversation shifted to how we had met our significant others and although I love all "how I met my spouse" stories, I particularly liked hers, so I thought I would share it.

I guess I will start you with what I started with.  Her husband is dying.  He is in the hospital with cancer.  The doctors said he wouldn't make it until Christmas and now it looks like he will.  She talked about how every day he is here, is one more day she gets to spend with him and that although they had plans to live out their retirement traveling the world, you can't control where life takes you.  As she told us this she had such an air of grace, strength, and perspective.....

I am not sure this is necessary to enjoy her "how I met your spouse" story, but I could feel her love for her husband as she told us their present situation and maybe it made me love her other story even more.

Here goes...

Judy was on a vacation with a friend in Hawaii and they had been heading back to their hotel around 8 pm or 9 pm for the first three nights.  Judy went to Hawaii to enjoy herself and decided to head out on her own.  The next evening after her friend politely declined to join her, she headed to a bar down the street where they had met people the previous evening.

When she arrived, she ordered a beer and took a look around.  She saw no one from the night before.  She stood and enjoyed her drink and the entertainment, planning on heading out when she was done.  With not much more than a sip left, a waitress headed toward her with a tray full of drinks.  As the waitress walked by Judy, a girl ran into the waitress and the entire tray of drinks were spilled on Judy.   Judy looked up and saw a man standing a few feet away and asked him if she could stand by him on "dry land".   While she started chatting up this handsome man, the waitress feeling bad and brought her another drink.  Their conversation was going so well that the man, Samuel, bought her another one. In the mean time, they discovered an "ugly" ring at their feet.  They held on to it until close and when no one claimed it, the bartender took Judy's name and hotel and told her he would pass it on if someone came by looking for it.   Samuel and Judy ended up talking all night on the patio outside Judy's hotel and Samuel offered to take Judy and her friend for supper the next evening.

Samuel and Judy hit it off so well, that when Samuel headed back to his home in Australia, and Judy to Saskatoon, they decided to keep in contact.  Over the next year, Samuel had a few thousand dollar phone bills and wrote Judy a letter every day.  They got married just shy of a year after they met and have now been married for 19 years.

When Judy arrived back in Canada, she had the "ugly" ring they found appraised to check if it was worth anything.  Much to her surprise, the center stone was 1.3 carets and worth $12,000.  That stone now sits in the center of her beautiful wedding set.

I know that Samuel and Judy will be in my thoughts and prayers this holiday season.


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