Bah Humbug

Where is my Christmas spirit this year?

Usually, I am waiting for the end of November to come so that I can start Christmas. I put up decorations, make cookies and put together our Christmas cards. This year I don't have that excitement. Hugh and I have written our letter but have yet to take the picture. And as for decorations, I have no desire to put them up, when I will only have to take them down in a month. YUCK. I hate that I do not have the Christmas spirit. Where has it gone this year? It all just seems like work.

I think for some motivations I am going to have to put in my favorite Christmas movie. Which, in case you are wondering, is National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation or I will check out Love Actually, which has been lent to me by Deena, who swears by it. Then I am going to have find the Christmas tune channel on the dish and dig out the decorations. Oh wait. I will get Hugh to dig those out while I watch Love Actually, because I can't imagine he will watch it with me. Then, with Calder's cooperation, I will start the decorating. Hopefully that will lead to a bit of baking and picture taking and Christmas will be well on its way.

I thought talking about it would get me motivated, but it didn't. I will just have to try the movie and tunes and see where it gets me.


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