2nd Favorite Show

My new 2nd favorite show is CBC's Being Erica.  In the past I have steered away for Canadian programing.  I think this is because I remember my parents saying it was bad, which it probably was in the past.  But in spite of this, I got hooked on Being Erica this summer (the ads for The Tudors also intrigue me and I may just check that out too).

Being Erica is about a 30-something woman who attend therapy sessions.  The therapy sessions allow her to go back to her past and relive her regrets. Those of you who don't like science fiction, please, don't shy away.  It is a show about Erica's life and nothing she does in her past changes her future (things always basically turn out the same).  Her therapy just changes her.

If you are interested, it comes on Tuesday nights and you can catch all the episodes in their entirety on CBC's website (they contain one 30 second commercial).  So, if you don't already have enough to do this holiday season, give Erica a try!

Oh.  You want to know my #1 favorite show............GLEE!!


And although I reach the masses with my blog, CBC would not pay me for the endorsement.


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