Lawson Update

Where to begin? It has been too long since I updated Lawson's growth.

Lawson is typically a content baby. The photo above isn't a great picture, but she isn't a smiley baby, so her pearly whites (all four of them) are hard to catch on camera (and you actually can't see any of them in that picture!). Lawson loves to be carried around and for the most part is quite happy to sit on anyones lap. She took her first steps at the end of December and this last week is choosing walking as her preferred mode of transportation. We have really noticed how much happier Lawson is now that she is walking. Lawson's favourite places to be in our home are the basement and in her bedroom. She likes to be around others, so as long as someone is hanging out with her she is typically happy.

Lawson LOVES a bath. She splashes and plays as long as we'll let her. Calder has started feeling "too big" to bath with her and Boone, so Lawson and Boone have started a new bedtime routine together in their favorite place. Any evening meltdowns can be kiboshed with the mention of a bath. 

Lawson likes to lay down in the tub. Here she is on the brink of going under. And yes, I am taking a picture. It happens so often, any fear we have for her safety has vanished. The whole ordeal is actually quite hilarious. Lawson throws her head back, typically banging it on the side of the tub, and slips back under the water. We grab her, sit her back up, and she does it again. My sister's husband, Nate, says she looks like she is trying to end it all when she does this. I don't disagree ;-).  If it weren't for her smile, I might be worried! It is too funny.

Lawson has two younger cousins, Cruz who is 3 months and belongs to my brother, Luke, and his wife, Brittany, and Nash who is 5 months and belongs to my sister, Jes, and her husband, Nate. She is fascinated by them and I can't wait to see what happens as they become more aware and more mobile. They will be her first friends and likely the ones that she carries with her the rest of her life. She is a monster compared to them right now and I think she is trying to get her shots in before she is the runt (Luke is 6'4" and Nate is 6'6"). She is an eye gouger and Nash has taken a few nasty shots already.

I have been enjoying my days at home with Lawson and Boone. It is busy, but in a good way. Lawson has yet to start talking. She doesn't make a ton of noise, but she does growl and make a bunch of different sounds. She just doesn't make them that often. Actually, the one noise she will repeat is Calder and Boone's farting noises. If they start their lips sputtering out air, she immediately repeats. If she can repeat a fart, I'm not sure why she can't repeat "mom, mom, mom, mom." Nevertheless, I wouldn't describe her as a Chatty Cathy. Luckily for us, Lawson has started to sign. She can say "milk", "dog", and says "all done". She is trying to say "more", unfortunately, she signs "all done" instead!

Lawson is a great eater. I am actually hard pressed to think of one thing she refuses to eat. We feel so fortunate. I am also hard pressed to think of her favorite food items . . . Because, serious, she loves it all!  If I was forced to pick a few I would say, banana, apple sauce, egg, pasta, and meat (a bit vague, but she loves it all from fish to beef). 

Do you remember the butter story with Boone? Two weeks ago, I was again unloading groceries from Costco in the kitchen when Boone yelled, "I done!" from the bathroom. I slipped the bananas I had in my hand onto the pantry shelf and beelined to the bathroom. As I came down the hall and around the corner, I gasped. I had totally forgot to shut the gate. I felt immediate relief when I saw Lawson at the edge of the stairs, but in no jeopardy of falling down them. As I let out a reflexive sigh, I looked at what was in her hands. Yep. A pound of butter. She got the wrapper off and was chowing down. Not at all like her big brother.

Here we are at the Warman Legend's Center for Calder's power skating. At least twice a week we are hauling Lawson to the rink. Because she is so content sitting on my lap, I have been lucky to watch quite a bit of Calder's practices and games. I hope she stays this way now that she is walking!

Lawson is a great sleeper. She typically naps for at least 3.5 hours a day. Usually 1.5 in the morning and 2 in the afternoon. Lawson goes down for the night at 7 pm and gets up a few minutes after 6. She does occasionally wake in the 5s, but it is usually due to having an early morning poop!  Lawson is still nursing 4 times a day and when I head back to work I plan to continue with our morning and before bed feeds. Lawson has a terrible latch. It hurts to feed her, but she is quite good at nursing. If that even makes sense. Even in the stands at the rink, Lawson gets down to business and isn't distracted by her surroundings!

I would say Lawson is a mama's girl right now, but it isn't as prominent as it was before Christmas. I have never gotten to say any of my kids preferred me, so I am lapping up every speck of the extra love Lawson sends my way. I won't be surprised that when I go back to work she ends up like Boone, but the opposite. I might be her #1, but she will still go to Hugh lots. If you recall Calder was such a daddy's boy I wasn't even able to pour him a glass of milk some days without him melting down that "I want Dad to do it!" and it was a fight every time I had to put him to bed. I am happy to report on Calder's front that he has almost outgrown complaining when he has to do something with me ;-)

Lawson is a joy. We love, love, love her.

Happy Monday!


  1. Omg! What is with your kids and butter. Ha!

    1. I know! Lawson's face was just pure grease when I picked her up. She was in heaven.

  2. So awesome. SO AWESOME! So glad you have a good eater too!!

    1. There honestly have been times when we cut her off at the table. We feel like she might explode if she eats any more!

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