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Calder has been thriving at school. We had parent teacher interviews in November and were so proud of the behaviour we are told Calder exhibits in class. More recently we attended his school's mass and Christmas concert. It got a bit long. Like a lot long. It went 1.5 hours before the cookies and hot chocolate social. For our young crew it was a bit much. (And quite frankly, for most peoples' crews it was too long. That analysis is based on the sheer chaos that ensued after mass during the Christmas concert portion.) Calder's class, along with an older grade, sang "Angels We Have Heard on High". We spoke to Calder prior to the event about using his voice and having fun. Although they aren't singing in the picture below, this is what Calder looked like while they were singing. I could not stop laughing. Calder will tell you he didn't sing because Hugh was at the back raising his arms and singing during the "Gloooooooria" part, but we all know he just isn't a performer. I would bet a lot of money at this point predicting that Calder will not choose to making a living as an artist on the stage!
This is our rink. It is amazing. My husband is the best. Calder has spent an incredible amount of time out there. It was ready to go the Wednesday before Christmas holidays. Calder spent Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday on the ice. He then had a pre-game skate before that Saturday's game. Over the break he skated every single day we were home save the two days it was -30 and was on the ice between 2 and 4 hours.  I think I already wrote that in our Christmas post, but it deserved being repeated. So. Cool. 

Calder continues to be an early riser, typically around 6 am. This means he goes to bed early, usually around 7 pm. Calder has started reading in bed before he sleeps. Hugh and I LOVE this. I'm not sure how much actual reading he does, but he has his nose in a book so we are pleased. I wouldn't say Calder has a natural love of reading, so this feels like the start of him falling in love with it. 

Calder eats quite well. We have the "you have to try one bite" rule at our house, but now if there is something new that he balks at (and we know he will like it), we tell him he has to eat it! This might sound cruel, but Calder shies away from new things, so for example this week we had a tater tot casserole (tater tots, cheese, chicken, and bacon) and after taking one bite Calder proclaimed, "I don't like it". We told him too bad and he sulked for about 30 seconds before finishing what was in front of him. Seriously. . . potatoes, cheese, bacon. . . Really?!   My brother, Luke, had a good laugh at Christmas because Calder wasn't eating his casserole (similar situation as the tater tot one) and Hugh and I announced "You are not eating any more broccoli until you eat some of your casserole." Luke figures that was the first time in the history of the world that any parent ever said that! LOL  Actually, come to think of it, we told Calder he couldn't have more salad until he was done the tater tot casserole. This might be a reoccurring trend at our house! Calder's favourite foods continue to be sushi, ham, and noodles. He isn't much of a dessert guy, but loves "treats" - think Halloween candy!

Calder gets along alright with his brother. Often he forgets Boone is two and gets physical with him. There is a lesson to be learned surrounding this every day. And usually it is the same one. As for Lawson, Calder is great when asked to entertain her and sporadically can be found playing with her on his own. He will also be VERY interested in her if any other kid takes interest in her! I look forward to the day when Calder reads books to them. Luke and I are 5 years apart and one of my fondest memories is laying in his bed and reading to him. Calder and Boone are 4 years apart and Calder and Lawson are 6. It is a possibility. . .

Calder's favorite toys for Christmas would have been his Hot Wheels motorized track and the Crazy Fort. He also got Lego (which he asked for),  but hasn't been as interested in it. He recently pulled out the wooden train track and has been spending considerable time in the basement building. Subsequently, he has also spent considerable time screaming at Boone to get away from "his" track. This is a pretty big deal, because even as recently as before Christmas Calder didn't like being in the basement by himself. 

Calder isn't a cuddly kid. I have implemented 10 second hugs that typically occur on his way to bed. At first he was resistant, but now has relented. We usually count silly and giggle while doing it, so he realized it can be fun! Physical contact is important, so I am forcing it on him ;-)

There is a little taste of our biggest boy. Have a wonderful Thursday!


  1. lol 10 second hugs!!!
    that rink is AMAZING!!!!!
    he's seriously such a cutie, love the hair

    Confessions of a Frumpy Mommy

  2. bahahahah 10 second hugs...that's awesome.


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