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Five on Friday

1.  I am thoroughly enjoying my new closet organization. I have worn approximately a weeks worth of shirts and like this new system more and more everyday. One of the unexpected loves of this organization is that I have all my "layers" organized by color in one section of my closet. I have all my layering tees together and then all my blazers/cardigans together. Once I have my top in hand, it is easy to see the pieces that will go with it.  I also pulled all of the seasonal items from spring and summer that I thought I 'might' use in the winter out of my rotation. This is partly because I unexpectedly have way more tops than I thought (about 30). The number I have actually made me think I need to start getting rid of some of the tops I just like rather than love. If I don't eliminate some, it will be too long between wears of some of the items I love.

Boone wouldn't model with the book for me. Lawson was happy to ;-)
2. One of Boone's favorite books is the book Toot. My favorite page goes as follows, "Daddy's toots are loud. FWERP. Mommy's toots are quiet. Shh." with the mom in the picture captioned saying "Did somebody toot?" The book finishes off by saying "All toots are funny!" This last line couldn't be more true for Boone. On Monday, Boone walked over to me on there different occasions, stood silently for a moment, blasted a fart and started killing himself laughing. Oh man, it was hard not to bust a gut. And I may have done so the first couple times!

3.  We had the flu AGAIN this week. Lawson went down first and 36 hours later the boys got hit. It was a long night with both of them puking, to say the least. Hugh and I felt terrible, but never puked. Right when the boys started to recover,  Lawson needed back in on the action and had another bout of puking. Seriously. This is the third time the kids have had the flu this winter. WE ARE OVER IT.

4. I am officially caught up on all my photo and video editing. I am seriously so excited about this. I don't actually think I have EVER said it before. I have made all my 2015 monthly movies and edited all the 2015 photos and created the 2015 photo book (I create and buy the book through Photos on my Mac). I now need to find time to do all this editing on a monthly basis. I have not been good at doing this the last few years, but since the time in my life with maternity leaves is over, I am going to have to figure out a different way! 

5. My first official day back to work is today. It is a planning day, so it will be nice to get my feet wet. I am in a new building teaching a couple of new math classes. I am anxious and nervous, but not too much more than I was going back to my previous school after Boone's maternity leave. There are a handful of familiar teachers in the building and I think because I am confident in my ability to teach, I am ready to take on this new challenge. I don't think all teachers need to transfer buildings to be challenged, just saying. I do have mixed emotions about my return. I am looking forward to moving out of the baby stage. Don't get me wrong. I love my babies, but I am ready to go on family ski trips, move out of diapers and discontinue making plans around naps. My return to work is a signal to me that this is coming. That being said, I love the stay-at-home mom gig. Organizing is one of my favorite things and I like having the time to cook and get everyone where they need to go. Being back at work, I will still get to organize and will even need to ramp it up a notch. Not all bad!

Happy Friday. I hope you enjoy some time outdoors this weekend with our gorgeous weather. 


  1. First day back to work... perfect time for closet organization! So the big question is, have you gotten rid of anything yet?

  2. Can't wait to spend some time with you and your fam tomorrow!

  3. bahahah love books like that! so funny
    Um, I need some closet organization, mine is a DISASTER!!
    Boo for back to work, hope it went smooth

    Confessions of a Frumpy Mommy


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