Five on Friday

1.  We just subscribed to Shomi . You can set it up to be billed through your cable service provider or through your credit card. I chose credit card because that way I could easily use it on a second device. Hugh and I have gotten into Vikings and I have fallen in love with Jane the Virgin. Boone fell in love with Bubble Guppies! There is lots more content I am excited to explore. I will let you know what else I find!

2.  Deena wrote a fabulous post about receiving a Hall of Fame award at the Shellbrook Sports Awards on Saturday. Our team, the Ganza, won 9 provincial titles in a row and in the tenth year went up a category to attend Westerns winning silver at provincials. I was with the team for the last 5 years.  Ganza was truly special. I am #4. 

3.  The back to work countdown is on. I head back next Thursday for a half day (unofficially) and Friday for a full day (officially). I am starting in a new building and have 2 new math classes on my plate. I start to get anxious when I think about it too much. I am fortunate to have an amazing partner in Hugh and I will need to take advantage of that in the coming weeks. Luckily,  I only have to put in 3 weeks before the Feburary break :-). 

4. I am taking part in another style challenge. This one is put on by Lisa at Daily Style Challenge. Deena loves her tastes, so I am excited. I am also excited because Alison at Get Your Pretty On, whose challenges I have done in the past, has cranked her price up to $50 a challenge. Lisa is charging $9.95 (which is where Alison started!).  It starts February 1. I look forwarded to seeing some of your outfits in the closed Facebook group (one of my favorite parts). Go HERE to sign up!

Here I am trying on some of my back-to-school purchases (jeggings and button up both The Gap). I always text my purchases to Deena for approval.

5. I am doing something new with my closet. Check out Christy's post about how she organizes hers. She has inspired me to copy her!  I typically have my tops ordered by color, but that is going out the window. I have also copied Christy with her Five on Friday, so her blog is definitely worth reading. And she is Deena's BFF. Need I say more? I shall let you know how my new closet organization fairs. 

Happy Friday!


  1. I forgot to check my calendar to book a lunch date for this week? next week? Oops. Will do that today. I love the bright blazer and that mess of clothes on your bed.

  2. You are so kind. I'm very excited to hear that you are going to try the closet reorg. Be sure to report back in a few weeks and let us know how it went. For the record, I donated the shirt I wore yesterday, so that is 2 in the past 2 weeks. Yikes. I am making room for new purchases :)

  3. I am so excited that we are going to be colleagues! Come to me with any questions you have about our building - I'll be your big sister on staff. ��

  4. Yes, Deena! We need a date. I completely forgot we were going to set another one too, or I would have harassed you.

    I will definitely report back, Christy. I don't have an extensive wardrobe like you or Deena, but by grouping all my tops together, and my layering shirts and cardigans/blazers separately, I realized I have quite a few tops to get through. I didn't count, but it would be a months worth likely. It made me think about getting rid of more of them. . . even if I kind of like them. Like you said, it is about wearing clothes that make you feel good and I want to wear those more often. Now, here lies the hard part. I keep thinking that I will regret throwing out a shirt that I still like, just not love, because a time may roll around where I may fall more in love with it! Sigh. It's a no win for me.

    Rebecca! I am going to be at school Thursday. I am going to email and take you up on that big sister offer.


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