Mini Boone Update

Over a week ago I was marvelling at all of the words Boone seems to have learned in the last month, so I got a piece of paper and counted the ones he said on his own, without us asking him to repeat them. There were 82. A month ago I wrote about the words he was saying on his own (without us asking us to repeat them) and there were 5 on the list plus I would include mama, daddy, and Calder. That makes 8 words total on December 4 and 82 on January 3. CRAZY.

He LOVES gockey. For those of you who don't speak "Boone" that is hockey. He wears the gloves he got for Christmas around the house and has fallen in love with a Spokane Chief's jersey that Grandpa Hamilton had got for Calder. Hugh, Calder and I all wore Team Canada jerseys a week ago, Monday, to support the World Junior team and Boone felt a bit left out. Luckily Calder remembered the Spokane jersey and Boone has not taken it off since.

Boone even wants to wear the jersey first thing in the morning. You can see him here with it over is pjs! Oh and have a mentioned that Boone got a Lloyd Christmas hair cut in December. You can see remnants of it here. Needless to say, we won't be going back to that hairdresser any time soon!
Boone has also started to try some foods! Alleluia! We started by asking him to have one bite of something before giving him more of his favourites at the table in late December (his favourites would be rice and noodles). At first he would cry for a minute or so, but then have the bite when we didn't cave. He has now dropped the crying and will give almost anything a try (provided there is a reward at the end like more of something he wants or a Skittle!). Hugh and I are pumped. Calder is a fantastic eater in terms of the variety of foods he will consume and Calder will try one bite of anything. We can't wait for Boone to work his way up to the bar Calder has set ;-). I read somewhere, at some time, that some kids need to try a food 50 - 100 times before they will like it. This held true for Calder with potatoes, that's for sure. It was a journey with Calder and it will be the same with Boone, but Hugh and I are psyched to see some forward progress with Boone!

Happy Monday!


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