Building a Nest

Hugh commented a couple of weeks ago that I was in the nesting stage. I internally balked at Hugh's comment and likely just ignored him. At 33 weeks I felt a long ways away from the end and I certainly didn't feel the need to be put into any 3rd trimester pregnancy stereotypes.

This morning I admitted to myself and then shortly after to Hugh that yes, I am indeed in the nesting stage.

I have been cleaning out cupboards, organizing drawers, crossing off projects and bossing Hugh around ever since Christmas. Yesterday, I made an official list of things to organize around the house. This morning I realized that I was excited about that list. Nesting.

I also think my realization came because things have slowed down at work. January is a busy time in a high school. Students are writing their last unit exams and handing in final projects. Teachers are busy marking, creating final exams, and continuing there contact home to parents (many of whom are looking for some last minute hoorahs from their kids).  On top of this I have been cleaning out filing cabinets, taking down posters (with the help of some students), and wrapping up all loose ends. Yesterday, I had my students carry out 8 boxes off stuff (love the free labour!). As I looked around after school, I realized I didn't have a lot left to do. Finals are in the vault, all but 3 or 4 boxes are packed, and it was my last day of teaching. Only marking and comments are left ahead. Six days left of work - including today. . .

I mentioned last week at the supper table that I would appreciate if Hugh got me a few more boxes down from up on a shelf in our garage. Calder was confused at first about why I was packing my classroom. When I told him I was almost done work he got up from the table, jumped up and down, pumped his arms and yelled "Yes! Yes! Woooooo!". It was his first realization that the baby was getting close to being here and needless to say, he was pumped about it. Last night at supper, I was talking to Calder about the things we might do before the baby comes (staying at home in our jammies all day, me dropping him off for school or taking him out for lunch, having some playdates with a few of his buddies) and Calder said, "Having a baby is like going on vacation."  Love it. From the mouths of babes. Our homebody would say that, because to him the best vacation is one where we don't leave the house! LOL. Apparently Calder is going to enjoy the nesting stage as much as I am!

And actually last night I was cleaning the diaper genie, while Hugh was folding laundry and Calder decided he was going to wash our floors. He mostly just got the dirt wet and smeared it around, but I loved his effort! Calder didn't even want to start his bedtime routine because he wasn't finished the whole floor yet.  This morning when Boone came in to wake me up (Hugh has been opening the bedroom door for him and Boone comes over to my bed, says my name, and gives me a kiss!), Calder followed him in with a wet cloth in hand. He had been finishing up the job from last night!  Calder actually told me that I could be in charge of the baby when it came home and he would do all the cleaning!  I think that just means the floors, when he feels like it, though!

I have to get going. I am getting on the text and planning some playdates ASAP. My nesting vacation awaits!

Happy Friday!


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